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Moments from the Orpheus Myth

Dance works that in differenet ways and in different spaces interacts with new technology. A choreographic research into the floating perspective of Oroheus.

Possente Spirto

Visual Choreography at  WEBSTAGE
World premiere April 29, 1998 

Orfeus Klagan

(The Lamentations of Orpheus)
A solo for an industrial robot at rhe Museeum of Dance in Stockholm in the autumn of 1998.

"New robot choreography" 

- in a cage og glass and projections. Out door installation at in August 1999. 


Solo in movement sensoric memory space - of voice and images. Premiered in the autumn 1999. 
videofoto: Tomaz Blanc 
adaptation:  Åsa U-S
 videophoto: Mateusz Herzcka
picture:  Åsa Unander-Scharin


Choreography / Movement programming 

Åsa Unander-Scharin


Claudio Monteverdi and Carl Unander-Scharin 
( New robot and P.S. - in collaboration with the Techno collective Stockholm-Embryo)

Computer graphics, and Visual design 

Mateusz Herczka


Kerstin Abrahamsson, Petra Fredrikzon, Dan Johansson, Åsa Unander-Scharin, ABB robot irb 1400 and ABB robot??

Video photographer 

Tomaz Blanc


Keren Bruce - Vola da gamba), Kerstin Frödin - Recorders,
Carl Unander-Scharin - Tenor, Urban Westerlund - Harpsichord and Organ

Program development 

Peter Rajka and Magnus Lundin in collaboration with Åsa Unander-Scharin
Åtrå Kaos och Geometri
(Desire, Chaos and Geometry)
Åsa Unander-Scharin
Francesco Boschetto
Katarin Eriksson Petra Fredrikzon, Sandra Medina, Johanna Molund och Jondi Jonsson Lecapre
foto Per Molund
m o b i l e r
Åsa Unander-Scharin
Carl Unander-Scharin och
Claudio Monteverdi (Possento Spirito)
Katarina Frostenson (VI LIKNAR)
Kerstin Abrahamsson, Petra Fredrikzon,
Dan Johansson, Jondi Jonsson Lecapre,
Johanna Molund and Mikael Strid
(Ice Irate) - an outburst in snow
(Whirlpearl) - breaking out of a wall
- gliding down the stairs
(Crabodile) - sliding and crawling across the floor (30-50 metres)
Possente Spirto 
- allowing oneself to be moved by Orpheus' Song
- like two Aida trumpets
(The Cry) - hanging in red ropes
Vi Liknar 
(We Resemble) - sacred duet - striving side by side
(Coralga) - waves in a chain of dancers
foto Mona Loose
videofoto Tomaz Blanc 
bearbetning Åsa U-S
"...a mobile and resounding interval installation where Åsa Unander-Scharin surprises us
with Yrpärla (Whirlpearl), Isilsk (Ice Irate), Ormel and other expressions. A refreshing
idea."     (Svenska Dagbladet, March 1994)

... entendre encore ...

Choreography Åsa Unander-Scharin
Musik Carl Unander-Scharin (Georges Bizet)
Dancers Mikael Strid, Henrik Vikman and Åsa Unander-Scharin
Lightdesign Anders Larsson
foto Mona Loose
" underwater world of memories and voices to fish, dive into, devote oneself to. Åsa
Unander-Scharin lets the bodies form a sliding horizon on the floor, swim and glide the
notes of the Bizet opera Les pêcheurs de perles. There is great weight in the movements,
even when the dancers leave the floor. Musicality." (Svenska Dagbladet, March 96)
"Accompanied by an electronic mix of the highlights from Georges Bizet's opera Les
pêcheurs de perles, Unander-Scharin dives into a Mediterranean-like sea inhabited by
strange creatures, elusive beings and shoals of unison bodies. On stage herself, she - in
collaboration with Mikael Strid and Henrik Vikman - develops a poetic, often sentimental
vocalis, breaking as the gaze trying to penetrate the surface of the sea."
(DagensNyheter, March 96)
"Åsa Unander-Scharin's red tightrope walker in entendre encore is a truly rare example of positively charged female characters in contemporary dance"       (Aftonbladet, March 96)


Choreography Åsa unander-Scharin
Musik Carl Unander-Scharin
Set design and costumes Nella Koskelin
Lyrics Katarina Frostenson and Stig Larsson
Dancers Sandra Medina, Rasmus Ölme, Mikael Strid and Åsa Unander-Scharin
Light design Anders Larsson
 "...a performance which with its many components creates exciting associations - from the sacred to the light. Five dance images, poems on earth and air, matter and life, succeed one another." "A descent stimulates the senses"   (Svenska Dagbladet, December 1992)
"It is an astonishingly beautiful poem of dance and music..." (Expressen, December 1992)
"...fills the room with pulsating movements..." "moments of extraordinary beauty"
(Dagens Nyheter, December 1992)
"In Pumpgropen, a very dramatic and consummate performance, Frostenson's Beckett-like poetry was joined with Unander-Scharin's rich music and the dancers' lithe movements
and together they formed an image of an embryo - on the verge of exploding"
(Aftonbladet, January 1993)
"Changes of set, changes of movement, nervousness - it was all elegant, intense and
ambiguously loaded on an abstract level. Pumpgropen, with its poetic shimmer, was as
rationally indecipherable as an abstract painting, but as wonderfully full of meaning..."
(Åbo Underrättelser, April 1994) 
© 1999 All rights reserved Åsa Unander-Scharin
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