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photo: Helene Schmitz


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IDAT99 (International Dance and Technology) 

VIDA 2.0 / LIFE 2.0



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´ The Lamentations of Orpheus- a solo for an industrial robot - installation at the Museum of Dance in Stockholm September-november 1998. 

Click on the picture to download a videodocumentation of the dancework. 

videophoto: Mateusz Herczka
Honorary mention to Åsa Unander-Scharin, for ýThe Lamentations of Orpheusţ, an installation whose compelling aesthetic relies on the sophistication of its principal element, an industrial robot whose choreographed movement are attuned to music from Monteverdis Lòrfeo. 
(LIFE 2.0 - the first international competition seeking exellence in artistic creation that has embedded in it the practices of Artificial Life, February 1999) 
Possente Spirto -  Visual choreography at  WEBSTAGE premiered April 29 1998. 

Click on the picture to download the dancework. 

videophoto: Tomaz Blanc
Date of Birth-Dances - Interactiv dance works - under construction  1999


´ Lecture/ demonstration at  IDAT99 (International Dance and Technology) Arizona State University 25-28 february 

´ Dancenotation - digital tools in the choreographic process:  Lecture/ demonstration at the House of Dance in Stockholm, March 6th. 

´ PITA (Young organizers) Presentation with Desire Chaos and Geometry and  mobiles on stage. Visual choreographies and Date of Birth Dances - on a computercreen at the National Theatre in Hallunda, March 20th. 

´ elpub99 - videodocumentation of The Lamentations of Orpheus - Atalante, Gothenbueg, April 15th

´ Dance in mind - danceworks and digital tools. Presentation  and discussion. Open Monday at ELD in Stockholm. May 3rd 

´ Visual choreographies and Date of  Birth Dances on a computerscreen at the Dancefestival, Dansstationen in Malmoe,  May 11th -18th. 
´ New robot choreography - in a cage og glass and projection. , August 1999. 

´ P.S. - solo in movementsensoric image- and soundscape. In the autumn 1999. 
´ Åtrå Kaos och Geometri - dance work installation at the House of Sculpture  in december 1998.   
foto Per Molund
mobiler - transportable short dance works á1-5 minutes. On tour 99/ 00

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