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public class BrokerTokenizer
This class parses strings into tokens separated by a given character, similarly to the java.util.StringTokenizer. I addition to the functionality of the StringTokenizer, it also handles quoted strings. For instance, tokenizing following string with space as a separator: Connection."My Connection".name get will yield two tokens: 'Connection."My Connection".name' and 'get'

Constructor Index

 o BrokerTokenizer(String)
 o BrokerTokenizer(String, char)

Method Index

 o hasMoreTokens()
 o nextToken()
 o peekToken()
 o rest()
 o setDebug(boolean)


 o BrokerTokenizer
 public BrokerTokenizer(String s)
 o BrokerTokenizer
 public BrokerTokenizer(String s,
                        char separator)


 o nextToken
 public String nextToken() throws BrokerFormatException, NoSuchElementException
 o peekToken
 public String peekToken() throws BrokerFormatException, NoSuchElementException
 o hasMoreTokens
 public boolean hasMoreTokens()
 o rest
 public String rest()
 o setDebug
 public void setDebug(boolean newDebug)

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