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public class Subscriber
implements BrokerObject
The client-side peer of a Subscription at the server

Constructor Index

 o Subscriber(String, BrokerClient, String, BrokerObserver)
Create a subscriber.

Method Index

 o cancel()
 o doCommand(BrokerClient, BrokerTokenizer, BrokerTokenizer, Vector)
 o getBase()
 o getBrokerClass()
 o getBrokerObjectId()
 o getByName(String)
 o notify(String, String)


 o Subscriber
 public Subscriber(String s,
                   BrokerClient bc,
                   String bs,
                   BrokerObserver bo) throws ServerDownException, BrokerException
Create a subscriber.

s - The server which contains the publication
bc - The BrokerClient to be used to communicate with the broker
bs - The name of the object (base) to subscribe to
bo - The BrokerObserver which will receive callbacks when the base changes
Throws: BrokerException
The server returned an error


 o getByName
 public static Subscriber getByName(String id)
 o cancel
 public void cancel() throws BrokerException, ServerDownException
 o notify
 public void notify(String b,
                    String message) throws BrokerException
 o getBase
 public String getBase()
 o getBrokerObjectId
 public String getBrokerObjectId()
 o getBrokerClass
 public BrokerClass getBrokerClass()
 o doCommand
 public Object doCommand(BrokerClient broker,
                         BrokerTokenizer idTok,
                         BrokerTokenizer cmdTok,
                         Vector hector) throws BrokerException

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