Version 2.3.3 (Mar 17, 2006)

*  Calculator.NET is now ported to .NET 2.0 runtime. Faster loading times and other improvements.

*    Fixed small rounding issue for 64 bit floats.


Version 2.2.2 (Oct 20, 2005)

*  Fixed an issue with restoring the previous size in 'Compact' mode


Version 2.2.1 (Dec 13, 2004)

*   Fixed a bug that occurs in version 2.2.0 only. Replace with this version to fix the problem. 


Version 2.2.0 (Dec 07, 2004)


*   Added handling of rounding issues caused by internal 64-bit floating-point arithmetics.


Version 2.1 (Nov 15, 2004).


*      Support for the Calculator button (available on some keyboards). It now starts Calculator.NET 

*   Running program detection. If another instance of the calculator already is running, its window is restored and given focus.

*    Updated the installer. The install directory can now be selected by the user.

*    Some minor fixes


Version 1.3, build 3


*      Fixed issue with certain browsers


Version 1.3, build 2


*      Removed keyboard shortcut C, which caused a conflict in hexadecimal mode.


Version 1.3, build 1


*      New button design and layout

*      Added size presets: Full, compact and mini

*      Added Always on top option

*      Added Show on taskbar option

If enabled, Calculator.NET is visible on the Windows taskbar, otherwise a tray icon is used instead.

*      Minor changes and fixes

*      Added infix 10th exponent (EXP button) in addition to existing (10x button)




Copyright (C) 2006, Alec Seward