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Wednesday, November 25

12:00 Sandwich lunch
13:00Chair: Erhard Hinrichs
IntroductionPresentationSteven Krauwer
Multimodal Annotations at MPIAbstract PresentationPeter Wittenburg
Annotations and beyond - what (not) to standardize, and how come that sometimes, it just happensAbstract PresentationAnton Batliner
Best practices that could help avoiding the messAbstract PresentationVolker Steinbiss
15:00 Coffee
Chair: Nick Campbell
Towards Web Services for Speech Recording and AnnotationAbstract PresentationChristoph Draxler
The SweDat project: Making the SweDia 2000 database accessible to the scientific communityAbstract PresentationAnders Eriksson
Speech data and privacy regulation in EuropeAbstract PresentationMartti Vainio
Chair: Steven Krauwer
Speech and Multimodal corpora what can CLARIN contribute?Strategic discussion
19:00 Buffet dinner

Thursday, November 26

09:00Chair: Anders Eriksson
Tools for work that uses acoustic-phonetic analysisAbstract PresentationSarah Hawkins
Sharing speech data - notes from a small languageAbstract PresentationIngunn Amdal
Three-level representation of audio and video data: from the physical level to the semantic level, via the measurement levelAbstract PresentationRoberto Bresin
10:30 Coffee
Chair: Christoph Draxler
Handling multiply-annotated multimodal corporaAbstract PresentationJean Carletta
The Bielefeld Speech and Gesture Alignment CorpusAbstract PresentationKirsten Bergmann
Preparation of Verbal and Nonverbal Information of Speech in Spontaneous Conversation DatabaseAbstract PresentationKlara Vicsi
12:30 Sandwich lunch
Chair: Anton Batliner
Capturing Natural InteractionsAbstract PresentationNick Campbell
Multimodal databases at KTHAbstract PresentationJonas Beskow, Jens Edlund and David House
Final discussion, Chair: Lou Boves Presentation
15:00 END