Speaker Recognition in Telephony

This is a repository for some of the resources developed within the Working Group 4 (Assessment and Dissemination) of COST Action 250.

The COST250 Speaker Recognition Reference System

The main purpose for researchers to agree on a common reference system is to increase comparability between experiment results produced at different sites, with different recognition systems and perhaps with different databases. If a common recognition system is available at all sites and can be used with any database, then comparing results produced with this system can help understanding differences and similarities between results that are otherwise difficult to compare. The presented speaker recognition system is intended to become such a reference system. It is small, portable, can be shared by everybody, and it can easily be applied to any recognition task with any speech data.

The latest version is 1.0, as of 20/12/1999. View documentation on-line or go to the download page.


Guidelines for experiments on the POLYCOST database

The purpose of this document is to define a common ground for speaker recognition experiments on the POLYCOST database. It is done by defining a set of baseline experiments for which results always should be included when presenting evaluations made on this database. By including these results and by presenting the differences introduced in new experiments, a comparison between systems tested on different sites is made possible.

The latest version is 2.0, as of 20/12/1999. View document on-line or download it.


Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

Last updated: 2004-09-02