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Onsdag 29 maj

12.00-13.00 Registrering

SESSION 1 Ordförande: Gösta Bruce

13.00-13.15 Välkomsthälsning

13.15-13.30 Principal components analysis of tongue shapes in symmetrical VCV utterances
Björn Lindblom & Harvey Sussman

13.30-13.45 Terminal rises in infant-directed and adult-directed questions
Joost van de Weijer

13.45-14.00 Obtaining linguistic structure from continuous speech
Nina Svärd, Pia Nehme & Francisco Lacerda

14.00-14.15 Ambient language effects on babbling: pitch contours patterns in Swedish
and American 12- and 18-month-olds
Eeva Koponen

14.15-14.45 Kaffe

SESSION 2 Ordförande: Mechtild Tronnier

14.45-15.00 Meyer´s accent contours revisited
Olle Engstrand & Gunnar Nyström

15.00-15.15 Toneme realization in two North Norwegian dialects
Wim van Dommelen & Randi A Nilsen

15.15-15.30 Distribution of dental and retroflex l-sounds across some Swedish dialects
Peder Livijn

15.30-15.45 Effects of sex and age in the Arjeplog dialect: a listening test
and measurements of preaspiration and VOT
Katrin Stölten & Olle Engstrand

15.45-16.00 Preaspiration in Southern Swedish dialects
Mechtild Tronnier

SESSION 3 Postersession

16.00-ca 17.30 Posters

Preliminary results from cross-language perception studies in early infancy
Francisco Lacerda & Sofie Dahl

Perception of question intonation and facial gestures
David House

Presentation of a new EU project for speech therapy: OLP (Ortho-Logo-Paedia)
Anne-Marie Öster, David House, Athanassios Protopapas & Athanassios Hatzis

Long and short /a/ in Northern Swedish dialects
Felix Schaeffler & Pär Wretling

Recent developments regarding the WaveSurfer speech tool
Kåre Sjölander

Perception of quantity in Estonian (Part II)
Diana Krull & Hartmut Traunmüller

Assessing F0 patterns in infant-directed speech: A tentative stochastic model
Lisa Gustafsson & Francisco Lacerda

18.30-ca 23.15 Båtutflykt i Stockholms skärgård med middag

Torsdag 30 maj

SESSION 4 Ordförande: Wim van Dommelen

9.00-9.15 Boundaries and groupings - the structuring of speech in different
communicative situations: a description of the GROG project
Rolf Carlson, Björn Granström, Mattias Heldner, David House,
Beata Megyesi, Eva Strangert & Marc Swerts

9.15-9.30 Duration of syllable-sized units in casual and elaborated speech:
Cross-language observations on Swedish and Spanish
Olle Engstrand & Diana Krull

9.30-9.45 Word stress and duration in Finnish
Kari Suomi & Riikka Ylitalo

9.45-10.00 Prosodic effects and crosslinguistic segmental durations
Antonis Botinis, Robert Bannert, Marios Fourakis & Stamatia Pagoni-Tetlow

10.00-10.15 Gemination in Swedish and Arabic with a particular reference to the
preceding vowel duration. An instrumental and comparative approach
Hassan Zeki Majeed

10.15-10.30 Stød and Vowel Length: Acoustic and Cognitive Reality?
Nina Grønnum & Hans Basbøll

10.30-11.00 Kaffe

SESSION 5 Ordförande: Kari Suomi

11.00-11.15 Automatic classification of accent and dialect type: results from
Southern Swedish
Johan Frid

11.15-11.30 SYNFACE - a project presentation
Björn Granström, Inger Karlsson & Karl-Erik Spens

11.30-11.45 Degree of articulation - Readability experiments with a
synthetic talking face
Jonas Beskow, Karl-Erik Spens & Björn Granström

11.45-12.00 Some characteristics of feedback expressions in Swedish
Loredana Cerrato

12.00-14.00 Lunch

SESSION 6 Ordförande: Rolf Carlson

14.00-14.15 Prosody-based search features in information retrieval
Juhani Toivanen & Tapio Seppänen

14.15-14.30 Phoneme recognition for the hearing impaired
Mathias Johansson, Mats Blomberg, Kjell Elenius,
Lars-Erik Hoffsten & Anders Torberger

14.30-14.45 Preliminary observations on discontinuities
Jonas Lindh

14.45-15.00 Grapheme-to-Phoneme conversion, a knowledge-based approach
Niklas Torstensson

15.00-15.15 Data-driven formant synthesis
Rolf Carlson, Arvid Sjölander & Tor Sigvardson

15.15-15.45 Kaffe

SESSION 7 Ordförande: Olle Engstrand

15.45-16.00 Phonetics in a literal sense: 1. Do the letters of the alphabet
have a pronunciation?
Sven Öhman

16.00-16.15 A comparative survey of phonetic features of two impersonators
Elisabeth Zetterholm

16.15-16.30 Outlines of Burcas - A simple concatenation-based MIDI-to-singing
voice synthesis system
Marcus Uneson

16.30-16.45 From articulatory phonetics to the fail-safe rule system
of natural language
Alvar Nyqvist Goës

16.45-17.15 Diskussion av post-docsituationen
Inledare: Gösta Bruce

17.30-sent Öppet Hus med buffé på CTT/TMH

Fredag 31 maj

SESSION 8 Ordförande: Nina Grønnum

9.00-9.15 Assessing the significance of Tallal's transform
Ulla Bjursäter, Eeva Koponen, Francisco Lacerda & Ulla Sundberg

9.15-9.30 Stress judgements by naïve listeners
Francisco Lacerda & Johanna Molin

9.30-9.45 Development of a new speech comprehension test with a phonological
distance metric
Bob McAllister & Benny Brodda

9.45-10.00 Speech synthesis for teaching lexical stress
Rebecca Hincks

10.00-10.15 A new and pedagogical terminology for Swedish prosody
Olle Kjellin

10.15-10.45 Kaffe

SESSION 9 Ordförande: Eva Strangert

10.45-11.00 A new approach to intonation analysis and synthesis of Swedish
Gunnar Fant, Anita Kruckenberg, Kjell Gustafson & Johan Liljencrants

11.00-11.15 Intonational phonology of Estonian statements with low level nuclei
Eva Liina Asu

11.15-11.30 A preliminary investigation of intonation in Danish sentences
with parenthetical phrases
Gert Foget Hansen

11.30-11.45 Prosodic phrasing and articulation rate variation
Petra Hansson

11.45-12.00 Individual variations in prominence correlates. Some observations
from "lab-speech"
Gunnar Fant, Anita Kruckenberg, Johan Liljencrants & Antonis Botinis

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