This is a selection of videos of Furhat in different settings, showing the versatility of the head and the udnerlying multimodal multiparty dialogue components.

This list is in reverse chronological order

Furhat managing a quiz game at the department's library

Social dialogue with Furhat at the Tällberg bar -- June 2012

A concept vide of Furhat in a three party ticket booking dialogue

The BBC coverage of Furhat at the London Science Museum, part of the RobotVille Exhibition, Dec 2011

Furhat as a "situated" chess opponent, with the ability of realtime incremental feedback.

Furhat in a three party mixed-initiative dialogue

At the prestigious Tällberg Forum, Furhat was invited on stage to present several hot shots to a panel discussion.

Furhat the Chameleon, showing the ability to change colors of his different facial parts.

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