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This page contains update information about the Higgins web site. Note that the page does not reflect the development of the Higgins project as such, it merely lists site related news: new sections, major updates, etc.

Although we will do our best to keep this page, as well as the web site as a whole, up-to-date, please bear in mind that there will be times when time will not allow for this. In other words, the web site be kept up-to-date to the extent we can find time to maintain it.

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Page update: Publications

2006-04-10: Made a dozen or so additions. Articles and presentations reasonably up-to-date.

New page: Module: Configuration utilities

2005-05-23: A new download page containing configuration utilities has been added.

New section: Help

2005-03-11: The general site update rate hasn't been quite as slow as the update rate of this page. In any case, here goes: A new section, the Help sections, has opened. It will contain information that isn't directly related to the Higgins project, but is useful in any case. For the time being, it is limited to installation instructions of tricky-to-install third party software.

Page update: Publications

2004-10-18: An article and the corresponding poster from ICSLP 2004 can be found on the Publications page.

Page update: Publications

2004-08-26: Two articles and the corresponding slides and poster from Robust 2004 can be found on the Publications page.

Page update: Pickering

2004-08-26: First public release of the Pickering binary and manual. Windows only for the time being - apologies for that.

Page updates

2004-08-18: The following pages are now reasonably up-to-date:

New page: Test case utilities in the Utilities part of the Modules section

2004-05-12: Added the first parts of a test system for XSL transformations. The idea is to make it easy to provide test cases when coding XSL. Out aim is that Higgins code, in general, should be accompanied by test cases.

Updated site design

2004-05-10: We've given the site design an overhaul. The most readily visible changes are to the colour schemes. Links in body text are orange throughout. The navigation fields are colour coded with regards to what type of sections the page belongs to. For the time being, the section types are general, code & downloads and documentation. See the navigation page for more info.

Page update: Specifications

2004-05-07: The namespace http://www.speech.kth.se/higgins/2003/ and all the specifications within are now frozen for backward compatibility. New specifications and versions are placed in http://www.speech.kth.se/higgins/2003/.

New page: opened the Utilities page in the Modules section

2004-03-03: Opened the Utilities page in the Modules & Architecture section. The page contains generic utility scripts, etc.

New pages: the Galatea discourse modeller and the Scenarios page

2004-02-25: Opened the Galatea pages in the Modules & Architecture section, and the Scenarios page in the Home section.

New content: reserved words

2003-02-18: added list of defined namespaces and a vocabulary of reserved words/names to the Specifications section.

Section: Specifications

2003-11-30: Opened the Specifications section.

Section: Experiments & Data Collections

2003-10-19: Opened the Experiments & Data Collections section.

New page: the Pickering semantic interpreter

2003-09-30: Opened the Pickering pages in the Modules & Architecture section.

Higgins virtual worlds

2003-09-30: Ted Clemmedsson has finished his work on 3D objects, and the first Higgins virtual world is done.

New section: Modules & Architecture

2003-05-20: Opened the Modules & Architecture section, which will contain code and documentation of Higgins modules.

Section: References

2003-05-02: Opened the References section.

Domain model

2003-04-24: The domain model specification is coming together. The knowledge model is specified and published as an XML Schema.

New sections: Publications & In Progress

2003-03-31: Published first drafts of the Publications and In Progress sections.

First draft web documentation up

2003-03-17: Published a first draft of web documentation outline.

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