Higgins research issues

The Higgins project is aimed at researching and developing a prototype dialogue system focussed at testing and evaluating different error handling strategies. The goal is split into a number of short and long term partial goals. This page gives a brief overview of some of these.

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Long term research issues

The core research issue for the Higgins project is how the various errors that may enter dialogue can be handled or prevented in different ways. The domain was chosen since it can be assumed to give rise to a variety of different error types. The long term research goals of the project include the following items, which also permeate shorter term research issues:

Current research issues

As a first step, a Wizard-of-Oz-related experiment where a speech recogniser was used to introduce errors typical for dialogue systems into human-to-human dialogues was performed. The error situations identified in these tests are the bases for the development of the system.

We aim to build a dialogue system which has features that facilitates error handling studies. The following is a sample of issues we are currently working with, and their present status:

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