The Higgins scenarios

This page contains some scenarios for the primary Higgins domain. They are meant both to exemplify the domain and to serve as inital test data for various Higgins techniques and modules. At this point, the HTML versions seen on this page is all we have, but we intend to encode the scenarios in simple XML and publish them as separate files as well.

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Higgins Video Scenario 01

This is an example video, where the actual system is used. The audio is in Swedish. You need RealPlayer to play it.

Higgins Scenario 01

The dialogue below is a partial user scenario in the domain:

USERI want to go to the closest subway station.
SYSTEMOk, to the closest subway station. Can you describe where you are now?
USERI have an ATM to my left and a pedestrian crossing in front of me.
SYSTEMCan you see some trees to your right and a white building in front of you?
SYSTEMOk, take a left after the large building which you have on your left and follow the street until you reach a crossing.
USEROk, there is a bus station here.
SYSTEMThat's right. Take left again after the bus station.

Higgins Scenario 02

The dialogue below is a partial scenario primarily intended for Galatea development. The dialogue is in Swedish, since it is intended to actually run in the system.

USERJag vill till en bankomat
SYSTEMOk, till ett blankt tak. Var är du nu?
USERNej, jag sa bankomat.
SYSTEMOk, till en bankomat. Var är du nu?
USERJag står vid ett rött hus.
SYSTEMKan du beskriva någonting annat du ser?
USERDet finns ett annat stort hus här också.
SYSTEMKan du berätta något mer om det stora huset?
USERDet ser ut att vara av glas.
SYSTEMOk. Du borde se ett grönt hus också. Om du går och ställer dig så att du har glashuset till vänster och det gröna huset till höger så ska jag berätta hur du ska gå.
USERJag är där.
Vägbeskrivningsdialog följer.

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