This section lists experiments made within the Higgins project. We attempt to report conclusions and data from as many of the tests wemake as possible, be they user studies, comparisons of techniques, or simple proof-of-concept tests.

The section also contains brief descriptions of data collections made within Higgins. Data and analyses may be included if time permits.

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2005-03-20: Clarification 1
Part of the speech fragments tests. This experiment investigates the effects on prosody on the interpretation of one-word clarification requests.
2005-03-08: Speech-fragments 1
The first in a series of tests designed to investigate the use of small speech fragments in dialogue, including grunts and ellipses.
2004-08-01: Turn-taking 3
Minimal perception test to check for generality.
2004-07-15: Turn-taking 2
Turn-taking production test.
2004-06-10: Turn-taking 1
Perceptual judgement of manually constructed turn-taking stimuli.
2004-10-20: Robust 1 experiments
Proof-of-concept robustness tests of Pickering
2003-02-20: Higgins Guess experiments
Detection & correction of speech recogniser errors

Data collections

2003-11-01: Higgins Describe 2 data collection
Recordings of spoken descriptions of a 3D environment
2003-09-20: Higgins Describe 1 data collection
Recordings of spoken descriptions of a 3D environment

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