This section concerns code modules developed within the Higgins project. The Higgins modules are implemented in a distributed architecture, and each module is a stand-alone programme. Our aim is that each module page in this section should contain, minimally, the module API and the prerequisits to run it. In most cases we're hoping to provide module documentation too, as well as code and examples.

The main page of the section is, in time, intended to contain an overview and graphical description of the system architecture coded in SVG. For the time being, a very brief textual overview will have to suffice.

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3D world
3D X3D/VRML world simulation.
A discourse modeller.
A Higgins module performing (cascades of) XSL transformations.
A flexible and robust semantic interpreter.
Prosody tools
A toolkit to assist the extraction and analysis of prosodic features.
Generic utitity scripts, XML transformations, etc.

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