Galatea (pre-alpha)

Galatea is the discourse modeller used in the Higgins project. It is implemented in Mozart/Oz, an open source concurrent object-oriented language which combines concurrent and distributed programming with logical constraint-based inference.

The primary goals for the discourse modeller is to dereference various linguistic references (e.g. anafora), handle topicalisation, and keep track of grounding levels.

At present, this page does not contain much more than scattered ideas, some implemented, some not. The page will become more structured as the discourse modeller developes. The reader may view this as a preview. Galatea and the related protocols are in pre-alpha version.


There is a pre-alpha inmplementation of Galatea, but it is not yet fit for public scrutiny. For now, the best we can offer is a scenario which we believe the techniques we are currently testing should be able to handle.


The AdApt system managed to do beautiful error handling more or less by coincidence in some cases. The reference handling of the system, which was well developed, took on some error handling tasks without the user ever noticing. We want to transfer this functionality to Higgins - something that seemed difficult at first. It seems, now, that the technique (or non-technique, rather) works when the user is retrieving information from the system only, not when the user is providing info.

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