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KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, 6-8 June, 2012

Symposium program and presentations

Available presentations are downloadable in pdf by clicking on the presenter name or paper title.


Wednesday, June 6

Thursday, June 7

Friday, June 8



Keynote 3: Bryan Pellom


Keynote 6: Lewis Johnson



Keynote 4: Florian Hoenig


Keynote 7: Jack Mostow




Tea time/Coffee break

Tea time/Coffee break



Presentation session 1:
Analysis methods

Presentation session 3 (11:15-12:10):
CAPT systems and users



Common lunch

Common lunch



Keynote 5: Garrett Pelton


Demo session (incl. coffee)


Symposium opening:

Welcoming plus presentation of keynote speakers and attendees

Presentation session 2 (14:30-15:10):
Articulation-based analysis and feedback



Keynote 1: Silke Witt-Ehsani


Transportation to Stockholm City Hall (15:10)

Keynote 8: Horacio Franco


Keynote 2: Helmer Strik

Guided visit to Stockholm City Hall


Symposium closing:

Final remarks


Symposium reception, KTH



Optional (not part of the program):

Celebration of Swedish National Day at Skansen

Symposium Dinner:

Boat trip to the royal castle at Drottningholm



Colour coding:

Symposium opening/closing

Keynote sessions

Standard sessions

Social program

Presentation format

Regular oral presentations (Presentation sessions 1,2 and 3) are limited to 10 minutes plus questions (total of 14 minutes, including speaker switch).

A presentation computer, projector and audio equipment is available on-site. Presenters are encouraged to use the presentation computer in order to avoid problems and delays when changing computer.

Demo session

The demo session will give the symposium participants hands-on experience with commercial or research software focused on computer-assisted pronunciation training.

Demos that have not been introduced in regular or key-note presentations will be presented in a speed talk of 2 minutes, before the hands-on part of the demo session.

Presenters who wish may use posters to accompany their demos.

Presentation sessions

Session 1: Analysis methods, Thu June 7, 11:15-12:00

  • Christos Koniaris, Olov Engwall and Giampiero Salvi:
    ....On the Benefit of Using Auditory Modeling for Diagnostic Evaluation of Pronunciations
  • Amalia Zahra, Joao P. Cabral, Mark Kane and Julie Carson-Berndsen:
    ....Automatic Classification of Pronunciation Errors Using Decision Trees and Speech Recognition Technology
  • Keelan Evanini and Becky Huang:
    ....Automatic Detection of [th] Pronunciation Errors for Chinese Learners of English

    Session 2: Articulation-based analysis and feedback, Thu June 7, 14:30-15:10

  • Tsuneo Nitta, Silasak Manosavan, Yurie Iribe, Kouichi Katsurada, Ryoko Hayashi and Chunyue Zhu:
    .... Pronunciation Training by Extracting Articulatory-Movement from Speech
  • Olov Engwall:
    ....Pronunciation analysis by acoustic-to-articulatory feature inversion
  • Sherif Abdou, Mohsen Rashwan, Kamal Jambi and Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy:
    ....Enhancing the Confidence Measure for An Arabic Pronunciation Verfication System

    Session 3: CAPT systems and user variations, Fri June 8, 11:15-12:10

  • Sherif Abdou and Mohsen Rashwan:
    ....Performance Evaluations For A Computer Aided Pronunciation Learning System
  • Nikos Tsourakis:
    ....A Game on Pronunciation Feedback in Facebook
  • Mark Kane, Zeeshan Ahmed and Julie Carson-Berndsen:
    ....Underspecification in Pronunciation Variation
  • Mansour Alsulaiman, Mohamed Bencherif, Ghassan Al Shatter, Saad Al-Kahtani, Ghulam Muhammad, Zulfiqar Butt and Mohamed Al-Gabri:
    .... Automatic identification of Arabic L2 Learners Origin

    Demo session, Fri June 8, 13:30-15:00

  • Thomas Hansen:
    ....The Danish Simulator - learning language and culture through gaming
  • Joao Cabral, Mark Kane, Zeeshan Ahmed, Mohamed Abou-Zleikha, Eva Szekely, Amalia Zahara, Kalu Ogbureke, Peter Cahill, Julie Carson-Berndsen and Stephan Schlogl:
    ....Using the Wizard-of-Oz Framework in a Pronunciation Training System for Providing User Feedback and Instructions
  • Jacques Koreman, Olaf Husby and Preben Wik:
    ....Comparing sound inventories for CAPT
  • Florian Hoenig:
    ....Dialogue of the Day
  • Lewis Johnson:
    ....Alelo language and culture learning products
  • Gary Pelton:
    ....Carnegie Speech NativeAccent
  • Bryan Pellom:
    ....Rosetta Stone ReFLEX