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18 Sep 2013
Roberto Bresin interviewed by   Roberto Bresin is interviewed by the news site regarding the competition Rencon 2013 [Musical Performance RENdering CONtest], organized by Anders Friberg and the Sound and Music Computing group.
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18 Dec 2012
SMAC/SMC 2013: post-conference details   SMAC/SMC 2013 is now over, thank you for your participation. Post-conference details such as information on how to order printed proceedings will be posted here as they become available
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27 Mar 2012
SMC 2012 - Sound and Music Computing, Understanding and Practicing in Sweden   KTH Sound and Music Computing grupp arrangeras SMC Sweden 2012, den första nationella konferens och workshop inom ljud- och musikforskning i Sverige.
Ett detaljerat program finns att ladda ner här.

08 Dec 2011
Kjetil F Hansen talks at TEDxKTH   Registration is open for the next TEDxKTH event. This time around we move out to Kista on Lucia, December 13, to dig into the future of Information and Communication Technology. Kjetil F Hansen is one of the speaker at this TEDxKTH event.
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02 Mar 2011
Ljuden väcker känslor på KTH   
SvD har uppmärksammat TMH:s forskning kring varför människor uppfattar känslor i musik.

Med hjälp av musikprogram för mobiler och specialbyggda instrument studerar forskare på KTH hur, och varför, människor uppfattar känslor i musik. Resultatet kan både gynna landslaget i rodd och hörsel­skadade.

Du kan läsa hela artikeln genom att klicka här.

20 Feb 2011
Musikakustik i P2 radioprogram Hjärtslag - kloka människor om musik   
Roberto Bresin medverkar i programavsnitt: Hur låter den ljusa musiken i en sorglig stund?


01 Jan 2011
SR P1 och P2 Mitt i Musiken: KTH-forskare vill ha ett mer aktivt musiklyssnande   
Roberto Bresin, Gaël Dubus och Marco Fabiani intervjuades i P1 och P2 Mitt i Musiken.
"På KTH i Stockholm håller ett gäng forskare på att utveckla framtidens musikprogram till mobiltelefonen, och deras mål är att göra lyssnaren mer aktiv i lyssnandet. Att man ska kunna styra själva utförandet. Syftet med forskningen är att få en bättre förståelse för hur vi människor kommunicerar med musik. Roberto Bresin är docent på KTH:s avdelning för Tal, musik och hörsel."


30 Nov 2010
TMH and Medielabbet presents Hackoustics in R1, Dec. 3   The student group "Medielabbet" invites you to a special evening in KTH's old nuclear research facility, Friday Dec. 3, 19.00 - 22.30. There will be introductions and hands-on tutorial to Pure data and Supercollider, demonstrations and sound installations and concerts/workshops with the established live electronic artists Anna Einarsson and Ludvig Elblaus. Read more on the poster and visit the Medielabbet webpage The event is free of charge, but registration by email to is compulsory. PS! Bring your own laptop for even more fun!
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13 Sep 2010
PhD Student Positions available:
2-4 in Speech Communication,
1 in Music Communication
   Application deadline: October 15, 2010
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01 Sep 2010
Musikakustik i P1 kl 12.10   Vetenskapsradion sänder ett längre inslag om aktuell musikakustisk forskning, idag onsdag 1/9 kl 12.10 med repris kl 23.07. Eller lyssna på SR's webb!
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19 Jul 2010
Proceedings of the Interactive Sonification workshop 2010 are now available on-line   The proceedings of the Interactive Sonification workshop ISon 2010 are now available on-line The proceedings are licensed as an Open Access publication.
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10 Feb 2010
TMH:s master thesis project selected for representing   The master thesis project called "Music Composer has been chosen for representing KTH activities in 2010, together with 7 other master thesis projects from the whole KTH.
The three projects which will receive more visits during February will proceed to the final and will be presented in a public exhibition in the KTH library.
Please follow and support the project by visiting the blog written by students Johan Häggkvist and Robin Åkerström
The project is supervised by Roberto Bresin.
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15 Jan 2010
PAS 5, 10-13 August, 2010   The 5th International Conference on the Physiology and Acoustics of Singing will be held at KTH on August 10-13. Welcome to register for the conference! The deadline for abstract submission has now passed.
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28 Sep 2009
21 October: Current Trends in Music Instrument Research   Wednesday, 21 October: On the occasion of Anders Askenfelt's 60th birthday, a Globally Mediated Symposium
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23 Sep 2009
3rd International Workshop on Interactive Sonification, KTH, Stockholm, April 7, 2010   

The ISon 2010 meeting is the 3rd International workshop on Interactive Sonification, following the initial ISon 2004 workshop held in Bielefeld and the previous ISon 2007 workshop in York.

The meeting offers the chance:

  • to meet experts in sonification
  • to present and demonstrate your own research
  • to strengthen your european networking in sonification research
  • to learn about new exciting trends

Additional goals of the meeting are:

  • to relate research on the topic of gestural control of auditory displays to interactive sonification
  • to survey the requirements for building Interactive Sonification systems
  • to establish a network of interested researchers in the field and exchange experiences

High quality will be assured by a peer-reviewing process, and besides a web publication we might decide to transform the proceedings into a special journal issue, as in the 1st ISon meeting, see IEEE Multimedia Special Issue on Interactive Sonification.

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03 Jul 2009
Roberto Bresin's work cited in Scientific American Mind article:   New research explains music's power over human emotions and its benefits to our mental and physical well-being
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30 Apr 2009
Symposium: Känslor och Musik 2009   
Lördag 9 Maj 2009, kl. 9.30-13.45

Välkomna till Känslor och Musik dag 2009
Klicka här för att anmäla dig.

17 Feb 2009
TMH i Vetenskapsmagasinet   Se Lamarche & Ternström om sångmätning & 60-talsljud
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29 Jun 2006
Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2005    Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2005 (pdf)


16 May 2006
Pure Data (PD) externals programming course   From 29/05 to 31/05, professor Nicola Bernardini, Conservatory of Music in Padova (Italy) will give a course on how-to program externals for the Pure Data environment.

PARTICIPATION is free, but registration is compulsory.

PLACE: room FANTUM, Lindstedtsvägen 24, 5th floor, KTH, 10044 Stockholm, Sweden
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05 May 2006
The KMA Lectures: A rare music acoustics resource is now available on-line!   
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19 Jul 2005
Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2004   Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2004 (pdf)


16 Jun 2004
Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2003   Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2003 (pdf)


23 Oct 2003
Visit the Ghost in the Cave game page   Visit the Ghost in the Cave game page


20 Aug 2003
Proceedings of SMAC 03 freely available online   The full proceedings of SMAC 03 is freely available online. Visit this link to download pdf documents.

30 Jul 2003
The Sounding Object book freely available online   The Sounding Object book freely available online. Download the whole book here (WARNING: huge pdf)!
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28 Feb 2003
"Acoustic for violin and guitar makers" now online   The text book "Acoustic for violin and guitar makers" is now available online.


11 Mar 2002
Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2001   Musikakustiska Forskningsgruppen Årsrapport 2001 (finns som html och pdf)


01 Feb 2001
"The acoustics of the Piano" now online   The text book "The acoustics of the Piano" is now available online.


01 Aug 2000
Proceedings of the SMAC 93 conference on sale!   Proceedings of the SMAC 93 conference on sale!


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