Advanced objective measures of voice in professional female singers

The long-term goal of this research project is to improve the evaluation of the singing voice in clinical settings. A tailored assessment of the singing voice is crucial to the effectiveness of rehabilitation work. The result of this research will be to provide useful and clinically accessible evaluation possibilities for the singing voice. The identification of differences between elite voice performance needs and functional voice needs is important. Reliable quantitative data on the healthy and pathologic singing voice are necessary in order to provide quality information for elite professional voice support systems.

At present, the research on voice rehabilitation for singers is more specifically centered on the use of the Voice Range Profile (computer phonetography) as part of the clinical voice evaluation process. A short term goal is to enhance and facilitate the phonetogram or voice range profile (VRP). As a voice assessment tool, the VRP, is used extensively in speech research and clinical settings. Some studies have also looked at singing voice VRPs. The ongoing research combines these three next goals: 1) collect normative phonetographic data for female classical singers 2) Using the self-perception and performance experience of the singers to map new inner-VRP areas of interest 3) A Swedish translation of the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) adapted to singers. This version of the VHI is now in testing. If you are Swedish and a singer (any genre, any level), take 5 to 8 minutes to fill out the VHI online. You will find a header called "RHI anpassat för sång" on the webpage of Anick Lamarche.

Group: Sound and Music Computing

Sten Ternström (Project leader)
Anick Lamarche

Funding: Fondation Alma et Baxter Ricard, Canada

Duration: 2005 - 2009


KTH research database: [ not available ]

Keywords: vocology singing rehabilitation phonetogram VRP

Related publications:


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Last updated: 2012-11-09