The ultimate aim of the Olga project is to build an easy to use dialogue interface to a database for the general public. The user interacts with a talking animated agent Olga, visible on a display, either with text, speech or a pointing device. The demonstrator application is a database with consumer information about around 100 microwave ovens, and also general information about microwave cooking. The display will be used for graphic information and animations of microwaves and their usage. Face synthesis will be used to synchronise the face and mouth movements of Olga with her synthesised speech.

Group: Speech Communication and Technology



Duration: 1996 - 1997


Keywords: Dialogue system, multimodal database interface, speech recognition, speech synthesis, character animation

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Beskow, J., Elenius, K., & McGlashan, S. (1997). The OLGA project: An animated talking agent in a dialogue system. In Bannert, R., Heldner, M., Sullivan, K., & Wretling, P. (Eds.), Proc of Fonetik -97, Dept of Phonetics, Phonum 4 (pp. 69-72). Lövånger/Umeå. [pdf]

Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

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