Java-based Incremental Dialog Framework

Jindigo is a framework for developing and experimenting with incremental spoken dialog systems, developed at the Department of Speech Music and Hearing, KTH.

An incremental dialog system process its input and output word-by-word instead of utterance-by-utterance. This allows, among other things, a more natural, rapid turn-taking.

  • Java-based, platform independent
  • Open source
  • Modularized and extendible
  • Incremental!
Jindigo is an open source project that is available via Sourceforge

Group: Speech Communication and Technology

Gabriel Skantze (Project leader)
Joakim Gustafson

Funding: CSC, Ung fakultet

Duration: 2009-11 - 2010-12


Related publications:


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(*) Best Paper Award at SIGdial 2010


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Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

Last updated: 2012-11-09