Extended Multimodal Search and Communication Systems for Safe In-Car Application

The aim of the proposed project is to develop a system for safe information access and communication while driving.

The aim of the proposed project is to develop a system for safe information access (search, navigation, point of interest) and communication (texting) while driving. In order to reach that goal, we approach the problem from a holistic view, investigating the underlying driving forces, studying the goals underlying searching and texting. Special attention will be paid to task and context factors such as multi-tasking and the associated cognitive load for the driver. Evaluations will be conducted in cycles that will be synchronized with the prototype development. In particular, the project seeks to use/develop methods and metrics for driving assessment that can be used at all stages of system development. GetHomeSafe will go beyond the state of the art by:

  • Driving further the introduction of industry standards for supporting wireless communication between car and mobile devices
  • Not only targeting one specific communication goal of drivers but comprehensively investigating the entirety of �driving forces�
  • Introducing reliable and easy-to-use speech recognition (ASR) for information access (search) and messaging
  • Supporting multimodal text input and access to information sources such as searching the web for a driving destination or information about it
  • Supporting specific interaction goals directly by circumventing explicit interaction (i.e. search, composing of text messages)
Additionally, the objectives of the proposed project include providing an open source toolbox with an open source driving simulation software as a centrepiece.

DFKI, Germany
Nuance, Belgium
IBM, Czechoslovakia
Daimler, Germany
KTH, Sweden

Group: Speech Communication and Technology

Joakim Gustafson (Project leader)
Jens Edlund
Gabriel Skantze

Funding: EU

Duration: 2011-12 - 2014-12


Related publications:


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Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

Last updated: 2012-11-09