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Journal Articles

Abelin, Å. (2011). Imitation of bird song in folklore – onomatopoeia or not?. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 13-16. [pdf]

Afsun, D., Forsman, E., Halvarsson, C., Jonsson, E., Malmgren, L., Neves, J., & Marklund, U. (2011). Effects of a film-based parental intervention on vocabulary development in toddlers aged 18-21 months. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 105-108. [pdf]

Ananthakrishnan, G., Eklund, R., Peters, G., & and Mabiza, E. (2011). An acoustic analysis of lion roars. II: Vocal tract characteristics. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 5-8. [pdf]

Ananthakrishnan, G., & Engwall, O. (2011). Mapping between Acoustic and Articulatory Gestures. Speech Communication, 53(4), 567-589. [abstract] [link]

Ananthakrishnan, G., Wik, P., & Engwall, O. (2011). Detecting confusable phoneme pairs for Swedish language learners depending on their first language. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 89-92. [pdf]

Andersson, I., Gauding, J., Graca, A., Holm, K., Öhlin, L., Marklund, U., & Ericsson, A. (2011). Productive vocabulary size development in children aged 18-24 months – gender differences. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 109-112. [pdf]

Bresin, R., & Friberg, A. (2011). Emotion rendering in music: Range and characteristic values of seven musical variables. Cortex, 47(9), 1068-1081. [abstract] [link]

Dahlby, M., Irmalm, L., Kytöharju, S., Wallander, L., Zachariassen, H., Ericsson, A., & Marklund, U. (2011). Parent-child interaction: Relationship between pause duration and infant vocabulary at 18 months. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 101-104. [pdf]

Echternach, M., Sundberg, J., Baumann, T., Markl, M., & Richter, B. (2011). . Vocal tract area functions and formant frequencies in opera tenors’ modal and falsetto registers. J. Acoust. Soc. Am, 129(6), 3955–3963.

Echternach, M., Sundberg, J., Baumann, T., Markl, M., & Richter, B. (2011). Vocal tract and register changes analysed by real-time MRI in male professional singers—a pilot study. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 33(2), 67 — 73.

Echternach, M., Sundberg, J., Zander, M., & Richter, B. (2011). Perturbation Measurements in Untrained Male Voices’ Transitions From Modal to Falsetto Register. Journal of voice, 25(6), 663-669.

Eklund, R., Peters, G., Ananthakrishnan, G., & Mabiza, E. (2011). An acoustic analysis of lion roars. I: Data collection and spectrogram and waveform analyses. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 1-4. [pdf]

Engwall, O. (2011). Analysis of and feedback on phonetic features in pronunciation training with a virtual teacher. Computer Assisted Language Learning. [abstract] [link]

Fabiani, M., & Friberg, A. (2011). Influence of pitch, loudness, and timbre on the perception of instrument dynamics. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America - Express Letters, EL193-EL199. [abstract] [pdf]

Frid, J., Schötz, S., & Löfqvist, A. (2011). Age-related lip movement repetition variability in two phrase positions. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 21-24. [pdf]

Gabrielsson, D., Kirchner, S., Nilsson, K., Norberg, A., & Widlund, C. (2011). Anticipatory lip rounding– a pilot study using The Wave Speech Research System. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 37-40. [pdf]

Hansen, K. F., Fabiani, M., & Bresin, R. (2011). Analysis of the acoustics and playing strategies of turntable scratching. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 97(2), 303-314. [abstract] [link]

Heldner, M. (2011). Detection thresholds for gaps, overlaps and no-gap-no-overlaps. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 130(1), 508-513. [abstract] [pdf]

Hjalmarsson, A. (2011). The additive effect of turn-taking cues in human and synthetic voice. Speech Communication, 53(1), 23-35. [abstract] [link]

Hu, G. (2011). Chinese perception coaching. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 97-100. [pdf]

Jonsson, H., & Eklund, R. (2011). Gender differences in verbal behaviour in a call routing speech application. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 81-84. [pdf]

Kaiser, R. (2011). Do Germans produce and perceive the Swedish word accent contrast? A cross-language analysis. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 93-96. [pdf]

Klintfors, E., Marklund, E., Kallioinen, P., & Lacerda, F. (2011). Cortical N400-Potentials Generated by Adults in Response to Semantic Incongruities. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 121-124. [pdf]

Laukka, P., Neiberg, D., Forsell, M., Karlsson, I., & Elenius, K. (2011). Expression of Affect in Spontaneous Speech: Acoustic Correlates and Automatic Detection of Irritation and Resignation. Computer Speech and Language, 25(1), 84-104. [link]

Lindblom, B., & MacNeilage, P. (2011). Coarticulation: A universal phonetic phenomenon with roots in deep time. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 41-44. [pdf]

Lindblom, B., Sundberg, J., Branderud, P., & Djamshidpey, H. (2011). Articulatory modeling and front cavity acoustics. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 17-20. [pdf]

Lindström, F., Persson Waye, K., Södersten, M., McAllister, A., & Ternström, S. (2011). Observations of the relationship between noise exposure and pre-school teacher voice usage in day-care center environments. Journal of Voice, 25(2), 166-172. [abstract] [link]

Lundholm Fors, K. (2011). An investigation of intra-turn pauses in spontaneous speech. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 65-68. [pdf]

McDonnell. M., ., Sundberg, J., Westerlund, J., Lindestad, P-Å., & Larsson, H. (2011). Vocal Fold Vibration and Phonation Start in Aspirated, Unaspirated, and Staccato Onset. Journal of Voice, 25(5), 526-531.

Monson, B., Lotto, A., & Ternström, S. (2011). Detection of high-frequency energy changes in sustained vowels produced by singers. J Acoust Soc Am, 129(4), 2263-2268. [abstract]

Neiberg, D. (2011). Visualizing prosodic densities and contours: Forming one from many. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 57-60. [abstract] [pdf]

Pabon, P., Ternström, S., & Lamarche, A. (2011). Fourier descriptor analysis and unification of Voice Range Profile contours: method and applications. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 54, 755-776. [abstract]

Patel, S., Scherer, K., Sundberg, J., & Björkner, E. (2011). Mapping Emotions into Acoustic Space: The Role of Voice Production. Biological Psychology, 87, 93-98.

Reidsma, D., de Kok, I., Neiberg, D., Pammi, S., van Straalen, B., Truong, K., & van Welbergen, H. (2011). Continuous Interaction with a Virtual Human. Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, 4(2), 97-118. [link]

Roll, M., Söderström, P., & Horne, M. (2011). Phonetic markedness, turning points, and anticipatory attention. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 113-116. [pdf]

Schlangen, D., & Skantze, G. (2011). A General, Abstract Model of Incremental Dialogue Processing. Dialogue & Discourse, 2(1), 83-111. [pdf]

Schötz, S., & Eklund, R. (2011). A comparative acoustic analysis of purring in four cats. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 9-12. [pdf]

Schötz, s., Frid, J., & Löfqvist, A. (2011). Exotic vowels in Swedish: a project description and an articulographic and acoustic pilot study of /i:/.. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 25-28. [pdf]

Stenberg, M. (2011). Phonetic transcriptions as a public service. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 45-48. [pdf]

Sundberg, J. (2011). On the expressive code in music performance. In Schmidhofer, A., & Jena, S. (Eds.), Klangfarbe (pp. 113-129).

Sundberg, J., Gu, L., Huang, Q., & Huang, P. (2011). Acoustical Study of Classical Peking Opera Singing. Journal of Voice, prepubl.

Sundberg, J., Lã, F., & Gill, B. (2011). Professional male singers ’ formant tuning strategies for the vowel /a/. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, Early Online, 1-12.

Sundberg, J., Patel, S., Björkner, E., & Scherer, K. (2011). Interdependencies among voice source parameters in emotional speech. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, 2(3), 162-174.

Suomi, K., Meister, E., & Ylitalo, R. (2011). Non-contrastive durational patterns in two quantity languages. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 61-64.

Uneson, M., & Schachtenhaufen, R. (2011). Exploring phonetic realization in Danish by Transformation-Based Learning. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 73-76. [pdf]

Wik, P., Husby, O., Øvregaard, Å., Bech, Ø., Albertsen, E., Nefzaoui, S., Skarpnes, E., & Koreman, J. (2011). Contrastive analysis through L1-L2map. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 49-52. [pdf]

Zangger Borch, D., & Sundberg, J. (2011). Phonatory and Resonatory Characteristics of the Rock, Pop, Soul, and Swedish Dance Band Styles of Singing. Journal of Voice, 25(5), 532-537.

Zetterholm, E., & Tronnier, M. (2011). Teaching pronunciation in Swedish as a second language. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 85-88. [pdf]

Öhrström, N., Arppe, H., Eklund, L., Eriksson, S., Marcus, D., Mathiassen, T., & Pettersson, L. (2011). Audiovisual integration in binaural, monaural and dichotic listening. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 29-32. [pdf]

Book Chapters

Al Moubayed, S., Beskow, J., Edlund, J., Granström, B., & House, D. (2011). Animated Faces for Robotic Heads: Gaze and Beyond. In Esposito, A., Vinciarelli, A., Vicsi, K., Pelachaud, C., & Nijholt, A. (Eds.), Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Enactment: The Processing Issues, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 19-35). Springer. [pdf]

Björkman, B. (2011). Grammar of English as a Lingua Franca. In Chapelle, C. A. (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Camargo, Z., Salomão, G. L., & Pinho, S. (2011). Análise acústica e aerodinâmica da voz (Acoustic and aerodynamic assessment of voice). In Caldas, S., Melo, J., Martins, R., & Selaimen, S. (Eds.), Tratado de Otorrinolaringologia (Treatise on Otorhinolaryngology) (pp. 794-804). Roca.

Engwall, O. (2011). Augmented Reality Talking Heads as a Support for Speech Perception and Production. In Nee, A. (Ed.), Augmented Reality. InTech. [pdf]

Friberg, A., Schoonderwaldt, E., & Hedblad, A. (2011). Perceptual ratings of musical parameters. In von Loesch, H., & Weinzierl, S. (Eds.), Gemessene Interpretation - Computergestützte Aufführungsanalyse im Kreuzverhör der Disziplinen (pp. 237-253). Mainz: Schott 2011, (Klang und Begriff 4). [pdf]

Lindblom, B., Diehl, R., Park, S-H., & Salvi, G. (2011). Sound systems are shaped by their users: The recombination of phonetic substance. In G. Nick Clements, G. N., & Ridouane, R. (Eds.), Where Do Phonological Features Come From?: Cognitive, physical and developmental bases of distinctive speech categories. CNRS & Sorbonne-Nouvelle. [abstract] [pdf]

Oertel, C., De Looze, C., Windmann, A., Wagner, P., & Campbell, N. (2011). Towards the Automatic Detection of Involvement in Conversation. In Esposito, A., Vinciarelli, A., Vicsi, K., Pelachaud, C., & Nijholt, A. (Eds.), Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Enactment: The Processing Issues, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer. [abstract] [pdf]


Al Moubayed, S., Alexanderson, S., Beskow, J., & Granström, B. (2011). A robotic head using projected animated faces. In Salvi, G., Beskow, J., Engwall, O., & Al Moubayed, S. (Eds.), Proceedings of AVSP2011 (pp. 69). [pdf]

Al Moubayed, S., & Beskow, J. (2011). A novel Skype interface using SynFace for virtual speech reading support. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 33-36. [pdf]

Al Moubayed, S., & Skantze, G. (2011). Effects of 2D and 3D Displays on Turn-taking Behavior in Multiparty Human-Computer Dialog. In Proceedings of SemDial (pp. 192-193). Los Angeles, CA. [pdf]

Al Moubayed, S., & Skantze, G. (2011). Turn-taking Control Using Gaze in Multiparty Human-Computer Dialogue: Effects of 2D and 3D Displays. In Proceedings of AVSP. Florence, Italy. [pdf]

Ananthakrishnan, G. (2011). Imitating Adult Speech: An Infant's Motivation. In 9th International Seminar on Speech Production (pp. 361-368). [abstract]

Ananthakrishnan, G., & Engwall, O. (2011). Resolving Non-uniqueness in the Acoustic-to-Articulatory Mapping. In ICASSP (pp. 4628-4631). Prague, Czech republic.

Ananthakrishnan, G., & Salvi, G. (2011). Using Imitation to learn Infant-Adult Acoustic Mappings. In Proceedings of Interspeech (pp. 765-768). Florence, Italy. [abstract] [pdf]

Ananthakrishnan, G., Wik, P., Engwall, O., & Abdou, S. (2011). Using an Ensemble of Classifiers for Mispronunciation Feedback. In Strik, H., Delmonte, R., & Russel, M. (Eds.), Proceedings of SLaTE. Venice, Italy.

Beskow, J., Alexanderson, S., Al Moubayed, S., Edlund, J., & House, D. (2011). Kinetic Data for Large-Scale Analysis and Modeling of Face-to-Face Conversation. In Salvi, G., Beskow, J., Engwall, O., & Al Moubayed, S. (Eds.), Proceedings of AVSP2011 (pp. 103-106). [pdf]

Bisesi, E., Parncutt, R., & Friberg, A. (2011). An accent-based approach to performance rendering: Music theory meets music psychology. In International Symposium on Performance Science (ISPS 2011) (pp. 27-32). [pdf]

Blomberg, M. (2011). Model space size scaling for speaker adaptation. In TMH-QPSR Vol. 51, Fonetik 2011 (pp. 77-80). Dept. of Speech, Music and Hearing and Centre for Speech Technology (CTT), KTH, Stockholm. [pdf]

De Looze, C., Oertel, C., Rauzy, S., & Campbell, N. (2011). Measuring dynamics of mimicry by means of prosodic cues in conversational speech. In ICPhS 2011 (pp. 1294-1297). Hong-Kong, China. [abstract]

Dubus, G., & Bresin, R. (2011). Sonification of physical quantities throughout history: a meta-study of previous mapping strategies. In Wersényi, G., & Worrall, D. (Eds.), The 17th Annual Conference on Auditory Display, Budapest, Hungary 20-24 June, 2011, Proceedings (pp. 1-8). Budapest, Hungary: OPAKFI Egyesület. [abstract] [pdf]

Edlund, J., Al Moubayed, S., & Beskow, J. (2011). The Mona Lisa Gaze Effect as an Objective Metric for Perceived Cospatiality. In Vilhjálmsson, H. H., Kopp, S., Marsella, S., & Thórisson, K. R. (Eds.), Proc. of the Intelligent Virtual Agents 10th International Conference (IVA 2011) (pp. 439-440). Reykjavík, Iceland: Springer. [abstract] [pdf]

Edlund, J. (2011). How deeply rooted are the turns we take?. In Proc. of Los Angelogue (SemDial 2011). Los Angeles, CA, US. [abstract] [pdf]

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Friberg, A., & Hedblad, A. (2011). A Comparison of Perceptual Ratings and Computed Audio Features. In 8th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Padova, Italy. [pdf]

Friberg, A., & Källblad, A. (2011). Experiences from video-controlled sound installations. In Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression - NIME, Oslo, 2011. [pdf]

Hansen, K. F., Dravins, C., & Bresin, R. (2011). Ljudskrapan/The Soundscraper: Sound exploration for children with complex needs, accommodating hearing aids and cochlear implants. In Zanolla, S., Avanzini, F., Canazza, S., & de Götzen, A. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference (pp. 70-76). Padova, Italy: Padova University Press. [abstract] [pdf]

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Hjalmarsson, A., & Laskowski, K. (2011). Measuring final lengthening for speaker-change prediction. In Proceedings of Interspeech 2011 (pp. 2069-2072). Florence, Italy. [abstract] [pdf]

House, D., & Strömbergsson, S. (2011). Self-voice identification in children with phonological impairment. In Proceedings of the ICPhS XVII (pp. 886-889). Hong Kong. [abstract] [pdf]

Husby, O., Øvregaard, Å., Wik, P., Bech, Ø., Albertsen, E., Nefzaoui, S., Skarpnes, E., & Koreman, J. (2011). Dealing with L1 background and L2 dialects in Norwegian CAPT. In Proceedings of SLaTE. [pdf]

Johansson, M., Skantze, G., & Gustafson, J. (2011). Understanding route directions in human-robot dialogue. In Proceedings of SemDial (pp. 19-27). Los Angeles, CA. [pdf]

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Karlsson, A., House, D., Svantesson, J-O., & Tayanin, D. (2011). Comparison of F0 range in spontaneous speech in Kammu tonal and non-tonal dialects. In Proceedings of the ICPhS XVII (pp. 1026-1029). Hong Kong. [abstract] [pdf]

Karlsson, A., Svantesson, J-O., House, D., & Tayanin, D. (2011). Tone restricts F0 range and variation in Kammu. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 53-55. [abstract] [pdf]

Koniaris, C., & Engwall, O. (2011). Perceptual Differentiation Modeling Explains Phoneme Mispronunciation by Non-Native Speakers. In 2011 IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoust., Speech, Sig. Proc. (ICASSP) (pp. 5704-5707). Prague, Czech Republic. [abstract] [link]

Koniaris, C., & Engwall, O. (2011). Phoneme Level Non-Native Pronunciation Analysis by an Auditory Model-based Native Assessment Scheme. In Interspeech 2011 (pp. 1157-1160). Florence, Italy. [NOMINATED FOR BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD]. [abstract] [html]

Koreman, J., Bech, Ø., Husby, O., & Wik, P. (2011). L1-L2map: a tool for multi-lingual contrastive analysis. In proceedings of ICPhS. [pdf]

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Laskowski, K., Edlund, J., & Heldner, M. (2011). A single-port non-parametric model of turn-taking in multi-party conversation. In Proc. of ICASSP 2011 (pp. 5600-5603). Prague, Czech Republic. [abstract] [pdf]

Laskowski, K., Edlund, J., & Heldner, M. (2011). Incremental Learning and Forgetting in Stochastic Turn-Taking Models. In Proc. of Interspeech 2011 (pp. 2069-2072). Florence, Italy. [abstract] [pdf]

Laskowski, K., & Jin, Q. (2011). Harmonic structure transform for speaker recognition. In Proc. of Interspeech 2011 (pp. 365-368). Florence, Italy. [abstract] [pdf]

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Neiberg, D., & Gustafson, J. (2011). Predicting Speaker Changes and Listener Responses With And Without Eye-contact. In INTERSPEECH 2011, 12th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association. Florence, Italy.. [abstract] [pdf]

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Oertel, C., De Looze, C., Vaughan, B., Gilmartin, E., Wagner, P., & Campbell, N. (2011). Using hotspots as a novel method for accessing key events in a large multi-modal corpus. In Workshop on New Tools and Methods for Very-Large-Scale Phonetics Research. Philadelphia, USA. [abstract] [pdf]

Oertel, C., Scherer, S., & Campbell, N. (2011). On the use of multimodal cues for the prediction of degrees of involvement in spontaneous conversation. In Interspeech 2011 (pp. 1541-1544). Florence, Italy. [abstract] [pdf]

Salvi, G., & Al Moubayed, S. (2011). Spoken Language Identification using Frame Based Entropy Measures. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 69-72. [pdf]

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Strömbergsson, S. (2011). Children’s perception of their modified speech – preliminary findings. TMH-QPSR, 51(1), 117-120. [abstract] [pdf]

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Strömbergsson, S. (2011). Segmental re-synthesis of child speech using unit selection. In Proceedings of the ICPhS XVII (pp. 1910-1913). Hong Kong. [abstract] [pdf]

Master Theses

Ahmad, R. (2011). Con curdino – Utökning av tvärflöjtens tonförråd till kvartstoner genom perturbation av tonhålens geometri. Master's thesis. [pdf]

Gu, T-L. (2011). Why are Computer Games so Entertaining? – A study on whether motivational feedback elements from computer games can improve spoken language learning games.. Master's thesis, CSC. [abstract] [pdf]

Hedblad, A. (2011). Evaluation of Musical Feature Extraction Tools using Perceptual Ratings. Master's thesis. [pdf]

Jani, M. (2011). An Interactive Articulation-to-Area-Function Phonetics Modelling Tool. Master's thesis, CSC. [abstract] [pdf]

PhD Theses

Ananthakrishnan, G. (2011). From Acoustics to Articulation. Doctoral dissertation, School of Computer Science and Communication. [pdf]

Edlund, J. (2011). In search of the conversational homunculus - serving to understand spoken human face-to-face interaction. Doctoral dissertation, KTH. [abstract] [pdf]

Fabiani, M. (2011). Interactive computer-aided expressive music performance - Analysis, control, modification, and synthesis methods. Doctoral dissertation, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. [pdf]

Laskowski, K. (2011). Predicting, detecting and explaining the occurrence of vocal activity in multi-party conversation. Doctoral dissertation, Carnegie Mellon University. [abstract] [pdf]

Wik, P. (2011). The Virtual Language Teacher: Models and applications for language learning using embodied conversational agents. Doctoral dissertation, KTH School of Computer Science and Communication. [abstract] [pdf]

Technical reports

Borin, L., Brandt, M. D., Edlund, J., Lindh, J., & Parkvall, M. (2011). Languages in the European Information Society - Swedish. Technical Report. [pdf]

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