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Publications in 1989


Nord, L., Kruckenberg, A., & Fant, G. (1989). Timing studies of read prose and poetry with parallels in music - a research proposal. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 001-006. [pdf]

Fant, G., Kruckenberg, A., & Nord, L. (1989). Stress patterns, pauses, and timing in prose reading. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 007-012. [pdf]

Gårding, E., & Eriksson, L. (1989). Perceptual cues to some Swedish prosodic phrase patterns - a peak shift experiment. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 013-016. [pdf]

Bruce, G., & Granström, B. (1989). Modelling Swedish intonation in a text-to-speech system. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 017-021. [pdf]

Carlson, R., & Granström, B. (1989). Modelling duration for different text materials. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 023-026. [pdf]

Strangert, E., & Zhi, M. (1989). Pause patterns in Swedish: a project presentation and some data. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 027-031. [pdf]

Touati, P. (1989). French and Swedish tonal configurations in read text. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 033-036. [pdf]

Bredvad-Jensen, A-C. (1989). Remarks on mother-child communication, especially the role of intonation. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 037-040. [pdf]

Nagano-Madsen, Y., & Eriksson, L. (1989). The location of the F0 turning point as a cue to mora boundary. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 041-045. [pdf]

Norlin, K. (1989). A preliminary description of Cairo Arabic intonation of statements and questions. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 047-049. [pdf]

Touati, P., & Bruce, G. (1989). Report from the KIPROS project. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 051-054. [pdf]

Cunningham-Andersson, U., & Engstrand, O. (1989). On the nature of foreign accents. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 055-058. [pdf]

McAllister, R. (1989). Studies of spoken language comprehension in L2 speakers. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 059-062. [pdf]

Traunmüller, H., & Branderud, P. (1989). Paralinguistic speech signal transformations. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 063-068. [pdf]

Liljencrants, J. (1989). Numerical simulations of glottal flow. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 069-074. [pdf]

Karlsson, I. (1989). Dynamic voice source parameters in a female voice. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 075-077. [pdf]

Neovius, L. (1989). Real-time implementation of enhanced speech synthesis models. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 079-080. [pdf]

Gustafson, K. (1989). Some innovations in a Norwegian text-to-speech system. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 081-085. [pdf]

Carlson, R., & Nord, L. (1989). Positional variants of selected Swedish sonorants - part 1: analysis and synthesis of /r/. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 087-090. [pdf]

Wood, S. (1989). The precision of formant frequency measurement from spectrograms and by linear prediction. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 091-094. [pdf]

Engstrand, O. (1989). F0 correlates of tonal word accents in spontaneous speech:range and systematicity of variation. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 095-100. [pdf]

Krull, D. (1989). Consonant-vowel coarticulation in spontaneous speech and in reference words. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 101-105. [pdf]

Hunnicutt, S. (1989). Preparation for using syntactic and semantic information in a word prediction aid. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 107-108. [pdf]

Roug-Hellichius, L-L., & Landberg, I. (1989). On language specific effects in childrens' vocalizations before age two. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 109-110. [pdf]

Lacerda, F., Aurelius, G., Landberg, I., & Roug-Hellichius, L-L. (1989). An ontogenetic study of infant speech perception. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 111-114. [pdf]

Sundberg, J., & Lindblom, B. (1989). Computing formant frequencies for VT configurations with abruptly changing area functions. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 115-120. [pdf]

Moon, S-J., & Lindblom, B. (1989). Formant undershoot in clear and citation-form speech: a second progress report. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 121-123. [pdf]

Hult, G. (1989). Some vowel recognition experiments using multilayer perceptrons. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 125-130. [pdf]

Blomberg, M. (1989). Synthetic phoneme prototypes and source adaptation in a speech recognition system. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 131-135. [pdf]

House, D., Bruce, G., Eriksson, L., & Lacerda, F. (1989). Prosodic parsing for Swedish speech recognition. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 137-140. [pdf]

Risberg, A., & Öhngren, G. (1989). How do we measure speech perception ability?. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 141-143. [pdf]

Agelfors, E., & Risberg, A. (1989). Speech feature perception by patients using a single-channel Vienna 3M extracochlear implant. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 145-149. [pdf]

Dahlquist, M. (1989). Comparison between two methods of extracting supplemental information for speechreading. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 151-154. [pdf]

Kassling, B. (1989). Experiences from two simple tactile aids as support during speechreading. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 155-157. [pdf]

Öster, A-M. (1989). Studies of phonological rules in the speech of the deaf. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 159-162. [pdf]

Dufberg, M., Hellman, C., & Nordling, L. (1989). Compensatory strategies of hearing-impaired speakers. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 163-165. [pdf]

Kukkonen, P. (1989). Disorders of speech production in adult aphasia. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 167-168. [pdf]

Almé, A-M., Öberg, E., & Engstrand, O. (1989). Vowel perception and vowel spectra in a subtotally glossectomized speaker. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 169-173. [pdf]

Hammarberg, B., Lundström, E., & Nord, L. (1989). Aspects of laryngectomee speech communication - a progress report. STL-QPSR, 30(1), 175-178. [pdf]


Fant, G., & Kruckenberg, A. (1989). Preliminaries to the study of Swedish prose reading and reading style. STL-QPSR, 30(2), 001-080. [pdf]


Ternström, S., & Friberg, A. (1989). Analysis and simulation of small variations in the fundamental frequency of sustained vowels. STL-QPSR, 30(3), 001-014. [pdf]

Ternström, S. (1989). Long-time average spectrum characteristics of different choirs in different rooms. STL-QPSR, 30(3), 015-031. [pdf]

Badin, P. (1989). Acoustics of voiceless fricatives: Production theory and data. STL-QPSR, 30(3), 033-055. [pdf]


Fant, G. (1989). Speech research in perspective. STL-QPSR, 30(4), 001-007. [pdf]

Gobl, C. (1989). A preliminary study of acoustic voice quality correlates. STL-QPSR, 30(4), 009-022. [pdf]

Pierrehumbert, J. (1989). A preliminary study of the consequences of intonation for the voice source. STL-QPSR, 30(4), 023-036. [pdf]

Öster, A-M. (1989). Applications and experiences of computer-based speech training. STL-QPSR, 30(4), 037-044. [pdf]

Jansson, E. V., & Molin, N-E. (1989). On deviating results of optical hologram interferometry and modal analysis of a violin. STL-QPSR, 30(4), 045-052. [pdf]

Friberg, A., Sundberg, J., & Frydén, L. (1989). Preferred quantities of expressive variation in music performance. STL-QPSR, 30(4), 053-062. [pdf]

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