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Publications in 1996


Båvegård, M. (1996). Towards an articulatory speech synthesiser: Model development and simulations. TMH-QPSR, 37(1), 001-016. [pdf]

Vertegaal, R., & Ungvary, T. (1996). The Sentograph: Input devices and the communication of bodily expression. TMH-QPSR, 37(1), 017-022. [pdf]

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Kjellander, M. (1996). On the design of digital waveguides for stiff strings. TMH-QPSR, 37(1), 031-048. [pdf]

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Nordmark, J., & Ternström, S. (1996). Intonation preferences for major thirds with non-beating ensemble sounds. TMH-QPSR, 37(1), 057-062. [pdf]

Agelfors, E. (1996). A comparison between patients using cochlear implants and hearing aids. Part I: Results on speech tests. TMH-QPSR, 37(1), 063-076. [pdf]

Agelfors, E. (1996). A comparison between patients using cochlear implants and hearing aids. Part II: Results on a self-rating scale. TMH-QPSR, 37(1), 077-081. [pdf]


Lindgren, R., & Lindblom, B. (1996). Reduction of vowel chaos. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 001-004. [pdf]

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Nyqvist Goes, A. (1996). From natural phonetics to the rules behind the "rules". TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 017-018. [pdf]

Bruce, G., Frid, J., Granström, B., Gustafson, K., Home, M., & House, D. (1996). The Swedish intonation model in interactive perspective. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 019-022. [pdf]

Swerts, M., Strangert, E., & Heldner, M. (1996). FO declination in spontaneous and read-aloud speech. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 023-024. [pdf]

Bannert, R., Czigler, P., Karst, N., & Landgren, T. (1996). Temporal variations in Swedish consonant clusters: preliminary data. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 025-028. [pdf]

Fant, G., Hertegård, S., & Kruckenberg, A. (1996). Focal accent and subglottal pressure. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 029-032. [pdf]

Heldner, M. (1996). Phonetic correlates of focus accents in Swedish. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 033-036. [pdf]

Strangert, E., & Aasa, A. (1996). Evaluation of Swedish prosody within the MULTEXT-SW project. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 037-040. [pdf]

Fant, G., & Kruckenberg, A. (1996). Quantal theory of speech timing. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 041-044. [pdf]

Stark, J., Lindblom, B., & Sundberg, J. (1996). APEX an articulatory synthesis model for experimental and computational studies of speech production. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 045-048. [pdf]

Båvegård, M. (1996). VCV coarticulation experiments with the vocal tract area function model. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 049-052. [pdf]

Beskow, J. (1996). Talking heads - communication, articulation and animation. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 053-056. [pdf]

Kylander Unger, C. (1996). What's in a sign; distributional data from Swedish sign language. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 057-058. [pdf]

Magnuson, T. (1996). Language competence among cognitively non-disabled individuals with cerebral palsy. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 059-062. [pdf]

Hammarberg, B., Lundström, E., & Nord, L. (1996). Detailed observations of laryngectomee voice source characteristics from videofluoroscopy and perceptual - acouostic assessment. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 063-066. [pdf]

Bredvad-Jensen, A-C. (1996). On prosodic variation in child directed speech in Swedish. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 067-068. [pdf]

McAllister, R. (1996). Aspects of the relation between the production and perception of a second language. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 069-072. [pdf]

Krull, D., & Lindblom, B. (1996). Coarticulation in apical consonants: acoustic and articulatory analyses of Hindi, Swedish and Tamil. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 073-076. [pdf]

Hunnicutt, S., Nord, L., & Rosengren, E. (1996). An acoustic-phonetic study of several Swedish dysarthric speakers. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 077-080. [pdf]

House, D., & Svantesson, J-O. (1996). Tonal timing in Thai. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 081-084. [pdf]

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Bannert, R., Nicolas, P., & Stridfeldt, M. (1996). Recognition of "identical" words and phrases in French. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 089-092. [pdf]

Thunberg, G. C. (1996). Making space for emotions in speech research: a methodological consideration. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 093-096. [pdf]

Engstrand, O., & Williams, K. (1996). VOT in stop inventories and in young children's vocalizations: preliminary analyses. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 097-100. [pdf]

Carlberger, A., Hunnicutt, S., Carlberger, J., Strömstedt, G., & Wachtmeister, H. (1996). Constructing a database for a new Word Prediction System. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 101-104. [pdf]

van Donzel, M. E., & Koopmans-van Beinum, F. J. (1996). Perception of discourse boundaries in spontaneous speech in Dutch. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 105-108. [pdf]

Carlson, R. (1996). The dialog component in the Waxholm system. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 109-112. [pdf]

Blomberg, M. (1996). Creation of unseen triphones from seen triphones, diphones and phones. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 113-116. [pdf]

Melin, H. (1996). The Gandalf speaker verification database. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 117-120. [pdf]

Gustafson, J. (1996). A Swedish name pronunciation system. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 121-122. [pdf]

Eklund, R., & Lindström, A. (1996). Pronunciation in an internationalized society: a multi-dimensional problem considered. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 123-126. [pdf]

Andersson, A., Eriksson, A., & Traunmüller, H. (1996). Cries and whispers: acoustic effects of variations of vocal effort. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 127-130. [pdf]

Eklund, I., & Traunmüller, H. (1996). A comparative study of the male and female whispered and phonated versions of the long vowels of Swedish. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 131-134. [pdf]

Fant, G., & Gustafson, K. (1996). LF-frequency domain analysis. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 135-138. [pdf]

Liljencrants, J. (1996). Analysis by synthesis of glottal airflow in a physical model. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 139-142. [pdf]

Karlsson, I., & Liljencrants, J. (1996). Diverse voice qualities: models and data. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 143-146. [pdf]

Traunmüller, H. (1996). Sound symbolism in deictic words. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 147-150. [pdf]

Abelin, Å. (1996). A lexical decision experiment with onomatopoeic, sound symbolic and arbitrary words. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 151-154. [pdf]

Cunningham-Andersson, U. (1996). Learning to interpret sociodialectial cues. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 155-158. [pdf]

van Dommelen, W. A. (1996). The influence of noise on subjective duration. TMH-QPSR, 37(2), 159-162. [pdf]


Bruce, G., Frid, J., Granström, B., Gustafson, K., Home, M., & House, D. (1996). Prosodic segmentation and structuring of dialogue. TMH-QPSR, 37(3), 001-006. [pdf]

Högberg, J., & Sjölander, K. (1996). Cross phone state clustering using lexical stress and context. TMH-QPSR, 37(3), 007-012. [pdf]

Högberg, J. (1996). Some studies of the relationship between speech acoustics, articulation and phonetic structure. TMH-QPSR, 37(3), 013-022. [pdf]

Blomberg, M., & Elenius, K. O. E. (1996). Creation of unseen triphones from diphones and monophones using a speech production approach. TMH-QPSR, 37(3), 023-028. [pdf]

Vertegaal, R., Ungvary, T., & Kieslinger, M. (1996). Towards a musician's cockpit: Transducers, feedback and musical function. TMH-QPSR, 37(3), 029-032. [pdf]

Iwarsson, J., Thomasson, M., & Sundberg, J. (1996). Effects of lung volume on the glottal voice source. TMH-QPSR, 37(3), 033-040. [pdf]

Fuks, L., & Sundberg, J. (1996). Blowing pressures in reed woodwind instruments. TMH-QPSR, 37(3), 041-056. [pdf]


Prame, E. (1996). Vibrato extent and intonation in German lied singing. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 001-007. [html]

Jansson, E. V. (1996). On the function of the violin - vibration excitation and sound radiation. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 009-013. [pdf]

McAllister, A., Sundberg, J., & Hibi, S. R. (1996). Acoustic measurements and perceptual evaluation of hoarseness in children's voices. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 015-026. [pdf]

McAllister, A., & Sundberg, J. (1996). Data on subglottal pressure and SPL at varied vocal loudness and pitch in 8 to 11-year-old children. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 027-036. [pdf]

Fuks, L. (1996). Prediction of pitch effects from measured CO2 content variations in wind instrument playing. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 037-043. [pdf]

Fant, G., & Kruckenberg, A. (1996). Voice source properties of the speech code. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 045-056. [pdf]

Granqvist, S. (1996). Addsynt, an additive voice synthesiser for PC. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 057-060. [pdf]

Granqvist, S. (1996). Enhancements to the Visual Analogue Scale, VAS, for listening tests. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 061-065. [pdf]

Ström, N. (1996). Continuous speech recognition in the WAXHOLM dialogue system. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 067-096. [pdf]

Agelfors, E., Beidestam, G., Rollvén, B., Vainio, M., Lindström, B., & Bredberg, G. (1996). Analysis of different speech performance in patients with multi-channel cochlear implants. TMH-QPSR, 37(4), 097-110. [pdf]

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