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Seminar at Speech, Music and Hearing:

Sound-source perception in walking sounds: walkers' emotion, gender, weight and shoe properties

Bruno L. Giordano, CIRMMT, Faculty of Music, McGill University,Montréal, Québec, Canada


The walking sound source was studied, focusing on both performance and perception. Several source parameters were considered. Above all the emotional intention of the walker. The performance study aimed at relating the acoustical basis for emotions expression in walking and musical performance. Strong commonalities were found. The perception study tested recognition of walkers' emotion and of several other source parameters: gender, heaviness, shoe size and sole hardness. Recognition of all parameters was found above chance level, veridicality of perception being at its best for walkers' gender. A study of the acoustical criteria for source perception pointed out emotions recognition to be based on the level and temporal patterning of the signals, while recognition of all the other parameters was found relying mainly on spectral properties.

15:00 - 17:00
Friday September 16, 2005

The seminar is held in Fantum.

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Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

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