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Which way, SIRR? - Spatial Impulse Response Rendering of digital waveguide mesh room acoustic simulations

Report on a M.Sc.Eng thesis work performed at the University of York

Stefan Enroth

Opponent: Åsa Wrange


The Digital Waveguide Mesh (DWM) is a numerical simulation that can be used to model acoustic wave propagation in an enclosed system. The output from a DWM model is the Room Impulse Response (RIR) of the modelled space for given source/receiver locations. RoomWeaver is a PC application used to model the acoustics of spaces using the DWM. This project deals with how to auralize the resulting RIR.
The method used is Spatial Impulse Response Rendering (SIRR), which is a technique for rendering a RIR to a multichannel speaker system. This is done by first analyzing the direction and diffuseness of the sound field within the time and frequency resolution of human perception, and then using that information to synthesize a multichannel RIR. Both the analysis and synthesis is implemented using a Short Time Fourier Transform scheme, which splits the signal into time and frequency components.

Stefan Enroth has carried out this thesis project at the University of York, UK, under the supervision of Dr Damian Murphy.

15:15 - 17:00
Friday April 13, 2007

The seminar is held in Fantum.

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