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Acoustical correlates of perceived emotions in speech

Mimmi Forsell

Opponent: Teodor Gjermani


The topic of investigating emotions in speech can be seen in many previous studies, most of the them have, however, focused on acted speech. In this master’s thesis, performed a Speech, Music and Hearing, CSC, at KTH in Stockholm, the focus is to investigate the acoustic attributes of real life emotional speech. The material used was a number of utterances, recorded from telephone services by the company Voice Provider.
To purpose is to see if the perceived emotions, obtained from listeners tests, was visible in a number of selected acoustic cues. The cues chosen, by reading previous studies, were the syllable rate, the min, max, median and mean of the pitch, the amplitude and formants 1, 2 and 3 and the formant bandwidths. The different values obtained were then compared and analyzed to find any significant results.
The analysis of the values obtained was done by pairing up utterances with different perceived emotions, from the listeners test, for each speaker. The material had a total of 64 speakers. The acoustic values previously obtained were then analyzed with T-tests and correlation for all the different pairs of utterances.
The results show that the perception of anger, despondency and level of intensity can be visible in the acoustic cues of a speech signal;
Anger can be recognized by the rise of fundamental frequency and amplitude. Despondency is visible in the decreased syllable rate. The degree of perceived of despondency also has a negatively correlated to the pitch.
The intensity is recognized in the increase of the pitch and the amplitude and the decrease of the speech rate. Amplitude and pitch has a positive correlation. The amplitude also has a positive correlation to the degree of intensity. The perceived level of intensity has a positive correlation to the perceived degree of anger.

15:15 - 17:00
Thursday May 10, 2007

The seminar is held in Fantum.

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