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Seminar at Speech, Music and Hearing:

Introduction to sonification and its application to the training of elite athletes

Gaël Dubus, TMH

Human Communication seminar series


Sonification is a technique for representing data by means of sound. It is a widening field of research with many possibilities for practical applications in various scientific domains. The rapid development of mobile and embedded technology handling numerical information with greater computational power increasingly offers new possibilities for real-time interactive auditory display. In this particular scope, the SONEA (SONification of Elite Athletes) project aims at improving the performances of Olympic-level athletes by enhancing their training techniques, taking advantage of both the strong coupling between auditory and sensorimotor systems and the efficient learning/memorizing abilities pertaining to the sense of hearing. An application to rowing is presented as an illustration of the use of sonification for this purpose.

15:00 - 17:00
Friday October 9, 2009

The seminar is held in Fantum.

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