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Seminar at Speech, Music and Hearing:

Human Communication Positioning Seminars

HumComm in a Speech-Music-Language perspective

Sten Ternström m fl.
Leif Dahlberg

Human Communication Seminar. Coffee from 14:45.


In shaping the CSC research platform for Human Communication, the question immediately arises: what do we want the term “human communication” to stand for? Should it have a special meaning when researched at a technical university? This platform encompasses the research groups for media technology, human-computer interaction, music acoustics, speech communication, and language technology; and also the unit for language and communication instruction. All these groups deal with human communication, but from rather different perspectives. To illuminate our perspectives, and to maximise the potential for synergies across our groups, the HumComm platform invites you to three Positioning Seminars during the spring. The seminars will be presented by the groups in turn, and will also present a respondent from another group, so as to stimulate an ensuing debate. The seminars will be preceded by a reinforced coffee break of 30 minutes. In the first seminar, the view of HumComm from a Speech-Music-Language perspective is presented, with this abstract: The word “communication” is severely overloaded, in that it is used at all levels of representation, from human thoughts communicated between human minds, down to binary digits communicated between machines. Trained as physicists and engineers, but intrigued by human communication, we started to look at speech and music many decades ago, initially approaching their description using a bottom-up paradigm. The physical manifestation of the sound wave is readily observable, and must contain most of the information in the message—or not? Gradually, insights have progressed to multimodality in both speech and music, while the scope of research at TMH has expanded upwards in the representational hiearchy to interact with phonetics, linguistics, psychology and even studies of social behaviour. An overview along these lines will be presented, with examples of current projects. All are welcome!

15:15 - 16:30
Tuesday February 9, 2010

The seminar is held in Fantum.

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