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Seminar at Speech, Music and Hearing:

About the sound design for ‘On the String’

Joyce Beetuan Koh, School of the Arts, Singapore
PerMagnus Lindborg, School of Art, Design, Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Human Communication seminar series


The multimedia production ‘On the String’, presented at the Singapore Arts Festival in June 2010, is an installation-performance employing sound sculptures, virtual instruments, musicians, light display and a large immersive and real-time sound diffusion system. This presentation will focus on the compositional process and the sound design. Other parts of the work, such as the sculpture, staging and light designs, have been described elsewhere (Koh, Wyse, Lindborg & Stromberg 2010).

The composition is a ‘theatre of music’ (Koh & Lindborg 2001/2008). It was inspired by aspects of String Theory, in particular, notions of scale, time and spatial dimensions mapped onto a staged music performance. For the sound design, we used IRCAM technologies such as Modalys (Adrien, Morrison, Ellis et al 1991-) and MEKS (Msallam, Dalmar and Mårtensson 1998) to create virtual instruments, and Spatialisateur (Jot, Warusfel, Corteel et others 1995-) to diffuse sound in an environment of more than 60 loudspeakers.

We will show film excerpts from the production and discuss the use of scientific metaphors in the music composition and stage realisation. We will also present methods to draw as well as automatically generate spatial trajectories, implemented in MaxMSP.

16:15 - 17:00
Friday November 19, 2010

The seminar is held in Fantum.

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