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A novel Skype interface with virtual speech reading support - field trials in the MonAMI project

Sara Avén & Frida Norling


In this bachelor thesis report we will present field trials that were recently carried out at two assistive home centers in Stockholm (Riddarsporren and Löjtnantsgården). The aim of the trials was to test a novel client interface to the popular IP telephony Skype. This interface is based on the virtual speech reading support system SynFace, where the incoming speech signal is coupled in real-time with automatically generated 3D facial movements that provide visual facial support to the speech signal, which is intended to be of help in particular for persons with hearing-impairment. The interface is optimized to be used by the elderly and the less skilled users in computer software. 5 subjects participated in the study (3 at Riddarsporren and 2 at Löjtnantsgården), and each person had the system in their homes for approximately a week. The field studies provide insights on the advantages of this technology to be independently used in smart homes by the elderly and by the hard of hearing, and also highlights some problems and limitations that need to be resolved in order to facilitate wide spread deployment.

16:00 - 17:00
Friday May 20, 2011

The seminar is held in Fantum.

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