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Seminar at Speech, Music and Hearing:

Perception of sound in unintended and designed scapes

PerMagnus Lindborg


This is an interim report of my PhD research project, investigating the perception of sound in environments that are unintended (nature, urban soundscapes, servicescapes; always multimodal) and designed (visual music, sound art, film, sound installation; mainly bimodal). A series of perceptual studies will be presented, with (partly preliminary) results from analyses of response data in different modalities: semantic, cross-modal, and psychophysiological. Strategies for comparing measures from these modalities and for reducing data dimensionality are discussed, and how methodologies from urban soundscape studies, music emotion, and computational acoustic feature extraction may complement each other. I will also propose a draft experimental design for a forthcoming study of qualia perception in audiovisual fixed-media artworks.

13:15 - 15:00
Tuesday March 5, 2013

The seminar is held in Upper Library (5th floor, Lindstedtsvägen 24 ).

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Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

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