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Social Events

The evenings during SMAC03 are filled with enjoyable social events.

Wednesday August 6
Interactive Music Evening and pub at KTH campus.

Enjoy the latest development in interactive music/dance technology in a causal setting. The performance will take place in a large industrial space at KTH, Brinellvägen 68.

1. On-line audiovisual improvisation (or net distributed audiovisual improvisation, or...) between Sergi Jordą and Gunter Geiger.

Jordà and Geiger (both currently working at the Music technology Group, in Barcelona) will perform a net-based collaborative improvisation, using visual feedback enhanced systems being developed at the MTG, such as FMOL or the reacTable*.

2. EPS - an interactive collaborative game using non-verbal communication

The unique premiere of a collaborative game in which the players use the voice or body gestures for input control. This involves also the audience that are invited to participate (on voluntary basis) to help each team and make the music groove. The setup includes 2-3 large screens and a 4-channel sound system and numerous computers behind the stage. The game will be presented Thursday 14:30 in the Music Performance session.

EPS is a collaboration including four partners within the MEGA project: Speech, Music and Hearing, KTH, Stockholm; Octaga/ Telenor, Oslo; DIST InfoMus Lab, University of Genoa; DEI, University of Padua; and with CID, KTH, Stockholm.

Developers: Marie-Louise Rinman (design), Anders Friberg (audio input), Bendik Bendiksen, Ivar Kjellmo (3Dworld), Damien Cirotteau, Hugh McCarthy (audience detection and music generation) Barbara Mazzarino, Sofia Dahl, Gualtiero Volpe, Antonio Camurri (video input).
Thanks to all the rest of you at the different labs that helped the realization in various ways.

Screen shot from an early version showing the team view

Thursday August 7
A summer evening at Stockholm City Hall

Welcome to the beautiful Stockholm City Hall, famous for hosting the official Nobel Banquet. A guided tour, followed by a reception with a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord, will close the second day of SMAC03.

Stockholm City Hall The Blue Hall
The Golden Hall

More pictures and information about the City Hall.

Friday August 8
Concert at Nybrokajen 11.

Meet five young Swedish acclaimed soloists in concert! A varied programme with music for the trombone, percussion, violin, piano, and soprano fills the beautiful space of Stockholms oldest concert hall at Nybrokajen 11.

Nybrokajen 11The Concert Hall at Nybrokajen 11

Tobias Ringborg,
Johan Ullén,
Jonny Axelsson,

Ivo Nilsson,
Anders Kilström,
Maria Fontosh,

More pictures and information about Nybrokajen 11.

Saturday August 9
Banquet on board S/S Stockholm.

Enjoy the delicious conference banquet on board the magnificent steam boat S/S Stockholm, while cruising the Stockholm archipelago. The scenic world of islands, the 1931 art deco interiour, and the never-ending sunset will give you a lasting memory of Stockholm and SMAC03!

S/S StockholmS/S Stockholm

More pictures and information about S/S Stockholm.

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