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Workshops will be held after the conference days on Sunday August 10.

Bridges between Violin Acoustics and Violin Making
Invited speakers: Joseph Curtin, Jim Woodhouse and George Bissinger.

One internationally recognized violin maker and two distinguished professors in the areas of physics, acoustics and structural dynamics present their views on how violin making and science can learn from each other.

The presentations include demonstrations and interactions with the audience.

Location: Lindstedtv. D2

SObs - Sounding Objects
Speakers: Davide Rocchesso, Federico Avanzini, Roberto Bresin, Sofia Dahl, Federico Fontana, Bruno Giordano, Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen, Mathias Rath.

Sounding Objects is a recently finished European project aiming at developing sound models that are responsive to physical interactions and are easily matched to physical objects. A presentation of "The Sounding Object" book will be followed by live and interactive demonstrations of sound and control models.

Demonstrations: Vodhran (the virtual bodhran), scratching, the invisiball (rolling sounds), friction sounds, the SOb-enhanced book "Happy Birthday Maisy"

Location: Drottning Kristinasv. 31

Sounding Objects webpages

AGNULA - A GNU/Linux Audio distribution
Speakers: Nicola Bernardini, Günter Geiger and Kåre Sjölander.

The participants will get an overview about available music software on the GNU/Linux platform. The Wavesurfer sound editor and the Snack toolkit developed at the KTH will be presented by one of its authors, Kåre Sjölander. A more in depth introduction into the JACK audio server system, the Ardour Harddisk Recording, and the PD realtime syntesis language will be given. At the end of the workshop the participants will have the basic knowledge that is necessarry to use the GNU/Linux system for creating music.

Max number of participants: 12 (+ those who bring their own laptops)

Location: Drottning Kristinasv. 31

AGNULA webpages

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