Sound and Music Computing projects:
Computer-assisted Music Education

As the standard of living rises world-wide, more and more people have time to play music, and also have access to computers at home and in the classroom. This creates opportunities for using the computer as an active supporter of the beginner's home rehearsals, and as a visualising instrument in the classroom.

Active projects:

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Completed projects:

RealsimPLE - Combining physical reality with simulations in pedagogical laboratory experiments
Funding: WGLN (Wallenberg Global Learning Network)


The science and technology of music -
Funding: STINT (Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education)


VEMUS - Virtual European music school
Funding: EU

VEMUS (Virtual European Music School) aims at developing an open, highly interactive, and networked multilingual music tuition framework for popular instruments such as the trumpet, the flute, and the clarinet. [more]

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