Sound and Music Computing projects:
Instrument Acoustics

Instrument acoustics deal with how sounds are generated on particular instruments, quality criteria for instruments, and instrument-player interaction issues.

Active projects:

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Completed projects:

Bostran - The bowed string - bow motion analysis and influence of bow properties
Funding: VR

The basic physical process for the sound generation in the bowed instruments is a stick-slip motion triggered by the wave motion on the string. The project comprises three sub-studies related to the modelling of the bow-string interaction and its control mechanisms:

  1. A validation of existing bowed-string models using a PC-controlled bowing... [more]

RealsimPLE - Combining physical reality with simulations in pedagogical laboratory experiments
Funding: WGLN (Wallenberg Global Learning Network)


Secrets of the violin -

Experimental models and electro-dynamical measurements on real violins. [more]

The science and technology of music -
Funding: STINT (Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education)


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