Sound and Music Computing projects:
The Science of Music Performance

Under this heading we list projects related to the content of the musical signal, and also to control issues and interfaces. This includes performance science, motion analysis and the roles of object sounds in virtual environments.

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Active projects:

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Completed projects:

AGNULA - A GNU/Linux Audio distribution
Funding: EU, KTH


BrainTuning - Tuning the brain for music
Funding: EU

BrainTuning is about music in the brain. The project makes use of the most recent neuroscience techniques which will provide new ways to investigate how music and music-induced emotions are processed in the brain. [more]

ConGAS - Gesture controlled audio systems (COST 287)
Funding: EU

The Cost287-ConGAS Action intends to contribute to the advancement and to the development of musical gesture data analysis and to capture aspects connected to the control of digital sound and music processing. Cost287-ConGAS is a COST-TIST action. [more]

Ghost in the Cave -

An expressive game with two teams navigating in a 3D shared virtual environment using either voice or body movements as input (part of the MEGA project) [more]

HUMAINE - Human-machine interaction network on emotion
Funding: EU

HUMAINE aims to lay the foundations for European development of systems that can register, model and/or influence human emotional and emotion-related states and processes - 'emotion-oriented systems'. [more]

PAMIR - Computational Modelling of Perceptual Music Features
Funding: VR

Today, computers and the Internet are commonly used for all aspects of music culture from production to listening. When a typical online music database contains 5 million songs, new computer tools are needed for characterizing, and indexing music audio. This is the focus of the new research field Music... [more]

S2S^2 - Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound
Funding: EU

Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound (S2S^2) is a FET-Open coordination action. The main aim of this action is the identification and writing of the research roadmap for the sound and music computing community in Europe. [more]

SAME - Sound And Music for Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere Every Way
Funding: EU

The SAME project aims at creating a new end-to-end networked platform for active, experience-centric, and context-aware active music listening. The project will answer questions like "In 5 years, what will correspond to the current iPod?"; "What kind of markets would such new devices open up?" [more]

SEMIR - Bridging the semantic gap in Music Information Retrieval: Modelling perceptual-based features in music audio
Funding: VR

This project aims at deveoping new computer tools for characterizing, and indexing music audio. [more]

SID - Sonic Interaction Design
Funding: ESF (European Science Foundation)

Sonic Interaction Design is the exploitation of sound as one of the principal channels conveying information, meaning, and aesthetic/emotional qualities in interactive contexts. [more]

SOb - The Sounding Objects
Funding: EU

The SOb project aims at developing sound models that are responsive to physical interactions and are easily matched to physical objects. [more]

SYMIR - Musical understanding for music information retrieval
Funding: VR


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