Sound and Music Computing projects:
Sound in Interaction

Sound in interaction deals with the representation of data with sounds in an interactive way (interactive sonification), communication of information with sound, and the use of sound in man-machine interaction.

Active projects:

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Completed projects:

ConGAS - Gesture controlled audio systems (COST 287)
Funding: EU

The Cost287-ConGAS Action intends to contribute to the advancement and to the development of musical gesture data analysis and to capture aspects connected to the control of digital sound and music processing. Cost287-ConGAS is a COST-TIST action. [more]

ISHT - Interior sound design of high-speed trains
Funding: KK-stiftelsen (The Knowledge Foundation)

The main research question in this project is: "How can we develop design methods and acoustic artefacts in order to improve the sound environment of the high-speed trains of the future?" [more]

Ljudparken/The Soundpark - Using modern smartphones to create interactive listening experiences for hearing impaired
Funding: PTS - Post och Telestyrelsen

The aim of the project is to create interactive listening experiences for persons with hearing impairments through smartphone applications. Interactive listening applications will provide better conditions for partaking in commonly available audio-based entertainment, but also offer new possibilities for active heartraining. [more]

Ljudskrapan -
Funding: SPM

The project aims at investigating the methods for sound stimulation that are being used to help hearing impaired and deaf persons at an early stage of intellectual development. Further, new methods for allowing these individuals to explore the sound modality will be developed and tested. We will have a close... [more]

Ljudskrapan - The Soundscraper
Funding: Promobilia Foundation

Ljudskrapan/The Soundscraper was initiated to help deaf children with additional sensory and cognitive function disorders to improve their possibilities for communication in order to facilitate emotional and cognitive development. The idea is to allow playful interaction with sound even with limited physical movements, and let sound provide an immediate sensory... [more]

MUMI - Multi-agent Multimodal Interaction: Spatial attention in haptic and auditory simulations
Funding: VR

Little is known about the role that haptic and auditory feedback can have in collaborative situations and in mediated communication between people. Multi-agent multimodal interaction systems that provide advanced interaction possibilities for manufacturing, for medical applications or for teaching will fundamentally alter the way people work together in the future.... [more]

S2S^2 - Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound
Funding: EU

Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound (S2S^2) is a FET-Open coordination action. The main aim of this action is the identification and writing of the research roadmap for the sound and music computing community in Europe. [more]

SAME - Sound And Music for Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere Every Way
Funding: EU

The SAME project aims at creating a new end-to-end networked platform for active, experience-centric, and context-aware active music listening. The project will answer questions like "In 5 years, what will correspond to the current iPod?"; "What kind of markets would such new devices open up?" [more]

SID - Sonic Interaction Design
Funding: ESF (European Science Foundation)

Sonic Interaction Design is the exploitation of sound as one of the principal channels conveying information, meaning, and aesthetic/emotional qualities in interactive contexts. [more]

SOb - The Sounding Objects
Funding: EU

The SOb project aims at developing sound models that are responsive to physical interactions and are easily matched to physical objects. [more]

SOM - The sound of motion: Providing sound feedback to human movements
Funding: VR

The main aim of this project is the development of theories, models and tools for representing human movements by means of sound. This work is part of growing research fields known as data sonification, embodied music cognition and mediation technology. [more]

SONEA - Sonification of elite athletes
Funding: Olympic Performance Centre

The main idea in the SONEA project is that of applying knowledge in the perception of everyday sounds, in sound synthesis techniques, and in interactive sonification, to the auditory representation of the movements of top-level athletes. [more]

Sound Clothes - Expressive sound-based monitoring of body motion through everyday clothes.
Funding: KTH CSC Small Visionary Projects

We want to use elements and affordances in everyday clothes as control interfaces for eyes-free interaction with music and sound. We do this by developing wearable controls that allow for scalable mapping of expressive body gesture in everyday situations, which can be translated into sounds (and sound parameters). Mapping must... [more]

WHEELIE - Motivational training of motor skills using the wheelchair as an expressive musical instrument
Funding: Promobilia Foundation


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