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Members of the Sound and Music Computing group

Last Name First NamePositionEmail* Phone** Room
Askenfelt AndersProfessor emeritusandersa 7877 420
Elowsson AndersPhD 426
Friberg 7576 418
Salomão Glaucia Laí 7561 404
Selamtzis AndreasPhD 7523 423
Sundberg JohanProfessor 7873 403
Ternström 7855 424

Guest researchers

Last Name First NamePositionEmail* Phone** RoomOrganization
Cedervall 427
Helgason Pé 422Uppsala Universitet

Degree project students



Last Name First NamePosition
Biglari HamaMaster Thesis Student
Bolíbar JordiMaster Thesis Student
Bresin RobertoAssociate Professor
Brieger SebastianMaster Thesis Student
Dubus GaëlPhD
Eckel GerhardProfessor
Elblaus LudvigPhD Student
Enflo LauraPhD
Felcyn JanMaster Thesis Student
Goina MaurizioResearcher
Hansen Kjetil FalkenbergResearcher
Lindborg PerMagnusPhD
Turchet LucaResearcher
Zea EliasMaster Thesis Student

Associates and alumni of the Sound and Music Computing Group

* Email addresses:
Add to the name listed in email-column.

** Work phone:
Add +46 8 790 before the 4-digit internal number listed in phone-column.

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