SYNFACE - Synthesised talking face derived from speech for hearing disabled users of voice channels



How a complete SYNFACE system works can be seen
here. (You may need Windows Media Player to watch it.) The same video with lower resolution is better suted for modem connections.

SYNFACE has been presented in German TV-programmes, if you like to get information in German, you can see exerpts from the programmes
Nano and Selbstbestimmt here. These were produced by M Weingaertner at werwiewas medienproduktion, Berlin, Germany. (You may need a decompressor to watch these, a free decompressor can be found on

Here's a
video clip that shows the state of the art at the start of the project. One of our talking heads speaks in Swedish with speech movements generated from the audio using an HMM recogniser. The translation from audio to movements was not in real time. As you can see it is speaker independent.

In a synthetic face it is possible to change the range of articulation. Test in this
Swedish-speaking demo how large mouth movements you prefer for lip reading.

The following demonstrations of the Synface technology were presented at RNID's Breaking the Sound Barrier Exhibition, October 2002 in London. Click on the images to play the demo. (Windows Media Player or Apple's QuickTime software and the QuickTimeTcl may be needed to play the files.)