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Comins R A practical presentation of voice awareness for trainee teachers
Cornut G, Bouchayer M, Rugheimer G Assessing complex dysphonia the application of videostroboscopy
Elliot N Easy movement and easy phonation. A warm up program
Ericson P Self-regulation in voice therapy
Fex B Accent method - theory and practice
Gates L The use of heightened text in vocal pedagogy and therapy
Hitech Development AB Title to follow (Soundswell editing software)
Lindestad P-Å, Larsson H, Granqvist S High-speed imaging of normal phonation: practical on-line demonstrations
Martynenko G On the interaction of vocal and speaking techniques of sound production
Melton J Integrating singing technique into theatre voice training
Mertz TM Awakening the voice through work on the level of primary functions
Meylan M Masterclass in musical theatre style of singing
Mickelson NP HearFones - an exploration of a new tool
Popeil L Rhythm and blues singing
Reinders A The history of the female voice in West European operatic music
Rothenberg M A new tool for measuring voice nasality and real-time biofeedback
Schmid-Tatzreiter E, Schmid R The Bonavox method
Sihvo M Increased oral pressure, a method to facilitate voice production
Stenlund Tyrén A Voice therapy for asthma patients in group
Sääf-Rothoff A Voice therapy in groups of patients with functional voice disorders

Last updated: August 10, 2001