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problems with speak.plug

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2004 1:16 pm    Post subject: problems with speak.plug Reply with quote

Dear Dimitrios,

Your speak plugin sounds really exiting and I'd love to
use it!
I've installed it and changed the path to the mbrola executable and
to the database, but it won't work because of an internal error
("too few arguments for math function" )..
The file ws.pho is created, but it is empty.

I'm absolutely not an expert (student icon_smile.gif) so I think it certainly is
a mistake I made ...but I can't find it!


Can anybody give me a hint?

Here is the whole error message:
too few arguments for math function
    while executing
"expr int([lindex [lindex $Info($w,pitchList) $j] 0])"
    (procedure "SpeakUp" line 46)
    invoked from within
"SpeakUp .x.s1 .x.s1.workspace.pane_3"
    (in namespace inscope "::wsurf::speak" script line 1)
    invoked from within
"::namespace inscope ::wsurf::speak {SpeakUp .x.s1 .x.s1.workspace.pane_3}"
    invoked from within
".x.s1.popup invoke active"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"uplevel #0 [list $w invoke active]"
    (procedure "tk::MenuInvoke" line 47)
    invoked from within
"tk::MenuInvoke .x.s1.popup 1"
    (command bound to event)
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Joined: 03 Jul 2003
Posts: 41
Location: Athens, Greece

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2004 8:44 pm    Post subject: Re: problems with speak.plug Reply with quote


Thank you for the error report.
The problem was caused by the early termination of pitch data.

Here is the plugin with the problem corrected.


# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Speak.plug version 0.9.2, 30.1.2004
# Mbrola player plugin for wavesurfer
# By Dimitrios Zachariadis
# dzach@hol.gr
# http://users.hol.gr/~dzach/index.htm
# First release 16.1.2004
# Portions of code copied off the "meanpitch.plug"-in of the wavesurfer distribution
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

wsurf::RegisterPlugin speak \
    -description "Plug-in that speaks the phonemes from the current or the last label pane found, \
    using the Mbrola engine and voices. Uses the first pitch contour pane available \
    (if one exists) for prosody generation, otherwise it generates its own from the loaded sound. \
    Needs setting of the mbrola executable and voice database paths" \
    -addmenuentriesproc speak::addMenuEntries

namespace eval speak {
   variable Info
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
proc speak::addMenuEntries {w pane m hook x y} {
   if {[string match query $hook]} {
      return 0
   if {[string length $hook]==0} {
      $m add command -label "Speak" -command [namespace code [list SpeakUp $w $pane]]
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
proc speak::getPitch {w} {
   variable Info

   # Use pitch values from a pitch pane if one exists, otherwise
   # compute them from scratch and remember for future reference

   foreach otherpane [$w _getPanes] {
      upvar wsurf::analysis::${otherpane}::var v
      if {$v(drawPitch)} {
         set Info($w,pitchList)     $v(pitchList)
         set Info($w,frameInterval) $v(frameInterval)
   set s [$w cget -sound]
   set Info($w,pitchList) [$s pitch -method esps]
   set Info($w,frameInterval) 0.01
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
proc speak::SpeakUp {w pane} {
variable Info
upvar ::wsurf::trans::${pane}::var p

   if {[info exists p(nLabels)]} {
   } else {
      foreach otherpane [$w _getPanes] {
         upvar wsurf::trans::${otherpane}::var v
         if {$v(drawTranscription)} {
            upvar ::wsurf::trans::${otherpane}::var p
            set ft 1
   if {[info exists p(nLabels)]} {
      getPitch $w
        if {[catch {open "ws.pho" w} out]} {
         return $out
        } else {
            if {[info command encoding] != ""} {
               fconfigure $out -encoding $p(encoding)
         fconfigure $out -translation {auto lf}
            # start is the start time of the label in the sound object
         set start 0.0
            # tp is the time pointer
         set tp 0.000
            # fi is the frame interval for the pitch contour
         set fi [expr int($Info($w,frameInterval)*1000)]
         set pitchTick 0
         set lastHz 0
            # i traverses the number of labels starting at the begining
         for { set i 0} {$i < $p(nLabels)} {incr i} {
            set sout ""
               # ind is the index of the label in the label list

            set ind [lindex $p(map) $i]
               # end is the end time of the label in msec
            set end [expr $p(t1,$ind,end)*1000]
            set label $p(t1,$ind,label)
            set dur [expr int([expr {$end - $start}]) ]
            while {$tp < $end} {
               set hz 0.0
               set per 0
               set per [expr int(100 * [expr $tp - $start] / $dur)]
                  # next statement to be replaced so that canvas pitch data is reflected to f0
               set hz [lindex [lindex $Info($w,pitchList) $pitchTick] 0]
               if {$hz != 0.0 & $hz != "" } {
                  set hz [expr int($hz)]
                  set sout "$sout $per $hz"
                  set lastHz $hz
               set tp [expr $tp + $fi]
               incr pitchTick
            puts $out "$label $dur $sout"
            set start $end
         puts $out "_ 0 0 $lastHz"
         puts $out "#"
         close $out
#         Change next string to the proper path of the mbrola executable and  database
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         eval exec "e:/speech/mbrola.exe e:/speech/databases/gr2 ws.pho ws.wav"
         snack::sound ss -load ws.wav
         ss play

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