wsurf - Create and manipulate WaveSurfer widgets


wsurf pathName ?options?


Specifies whether the collapser button should be display or not.

This option is used to specify which configuration the widget should use initially. It takes a configuration filename as argument. The command wsurf::chooseConfigurationDialog can be used to display the standard selection dialog and return the users selection. Also, the emptry string ``'' can be used to specify that the standard configuration should be used.

Specifies a list with names of icons the title bar should display. Valid names are play, pause, stop, record, print, and close.

Specifies a callback to be called whenever the widget wants to report something to the user. Callback syntax:

callback message

message is the message string.

Specifies a playback transformation matrix.

Specifies a callback to be called whenever a time consuming operation is in progress. Callback syntax:

callback operation fraction

operation is a string describing the operation in progress and fraction is a number between 0.0 and 1.0 describing how much of operation that has been completed.

Specifies an existing Snack sound object to be used by the widget. If not given the widget will create one of its own.

Specifies the initial state of the widget, either expanded or collapsed.

This option is used to specify a list of slave widgets.

Used to set the title displayed in the title bar.


The wsurf command creates a new window (given by the pathName argument) and makes it into a wsurf widget. The wsurf command returns its pathName argument. At the time this command is invoked, there must not exist a window named pathName, but pathName's parent must exist.


The wsurf command creates a new Tcl command whose name is pathName. This command may be used to invoke various operations on the widget. It has the following general form:

pathName option ?arg arg ...?

Option and the args determine the exact behavior of the command. The following commands are possible for wsurf widgets:

pathName cget option

pathName configure ?option? ?value option value ...?

pathName getInfo option

pathName closeWidget

pathName openFile filename

pathName saveFile filename

pathName printDialog

pathName undo

pathName cut

pathName copy

pathName paste

pathName play

pathName stop

pathName pause

To be continued...