This command should be invoked if the user hits ``OK'' or ``Apply'' in an applications preferences dialog to handle global widget preferences.


This command is used to to display the ``Choose configuration'' dialog.


Returns a list with available configurations.


Returns the name of the currently active wsurf widget.


This procedure is invoked to handle option parsing of the command line. This allows plug-ins to handle their own command line switches.


Returns the current value for specified preference. Syntax:

::wsurf::GetPreference preference


Returns global widget preferences in text form.


Returns a list with available plug-ins.


This command initializes the wsurf library and should be called before creating the first widget. The command loads all plug-ins, creates default bindings, and sets default preferences. Syntax:

::wsurf::Initialize preference ?-plugindir dir? ?-configdir dir?

The options are used to specify additional directories to search for plug-ins and configurations.


Makes a wsurf widget current. Syntax:

::wsurf::MakeCurrent widget


This command returns a list with global widget tab names and corresponding notebook page rendering procedures.


Returns 1 if there is an unsaved modification to a sound or to related data in a plug-in.


Sets default values for global widget preferences.


Sets specified preference to given value. Syntax:

::wsurf::SetPreference preference value