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Additional papers

A selection of papers and other publications will be used as additional reading material for each subtopic.


Most papers can be found on the web. Some papers will be distributed.

 Acoustic Phonetics

Liljencrants, J.:" Speech signal processing," in W Hardcastle & J Laver (editors) The Handbook of Phonetic Sciences, Blackwell Publishers Ltd, Oxford 1997, 697-720 (Will be distributed)

Yates, G.: "The ear as an acoustical transducer", Acoustics Australia, Vol. 21 1993, pp. 77-81(Will be distributed)

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Hirschberg J.,  Communication and prosody: Functional aspects of prosody , Speech Communication, Volume 36, Issues 1-2, January 2002, Pages 31-43 (Will be distributed)

Speech Synthesis

Carlson R., Granström B.: "Speech Synthesis", Hardcastle & Laver (editors) The Handbook of Phonetic Sciences, Blackwell Publishers Ltd, Oxford 1997, 768-788 (Will be distributed)

Granström, B. "Multi-modal speech synthesis with applications" G. Chollet, M. G. Di Benedetto, A. Esposito, M. Marinaro, (Eds) Speech Processing, Recognition and Artificial Neural Network, Proceedings of the 3rd International School on Neural Nets "Eduardo R. Caianiello" Springer London 1999, pp. 327-346 (Will be distributed)

Klatt D.: "Review of text-to-speech conversion for English", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Vol.82 s 737-793, 1987

van Santen, J. , When will synthetic speech sound human: Role of rules and data, In Proc of ICSLP 2000, Beijing. (Will be distributed)

W. Black, P. Taylor, and Caley R. The Festival Speech Synthesis System, 1998.

Corpus-Based Techniques In The At&T Nextgen Synthesis System, Icslp 2000, Beijing, China, October 2000

Synthesis examples:

Speech Recognition

Lawrence R. Rabiner (1989) A Tutorial on Hidden Markov Models and Selected Applications in Speech Recognition, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol 77, no. 2, pp. 257-286. on hmm and applications.pdf

S. Young (1996). "Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition." IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 13(5): 45-57.

Ronald Rosenfeld (2000)  Two decades of Statistical Language Modeling: Where Do We Go From Here?  Proceedings of the IEEE,  88(8), (pdf)

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M Mohri, F Pereira, M Riley (2000) Weighted finite state transducers in speech recognition, ISCA ITRW ASR2000, Paris

Speaker Verification

Gish, H. and Schmidt, M. (1994): "Text-independent speaker identification", IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Oct. 94, pp. 18-32 (pdf)

S. Furui (1997): "Recent Advances in Speaker Recognition", Pattern Recognition Letters, vol 18,  pp 859-872. (pdf)

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Bimbot, F., Bonastre, J.-F., Fredouille, C., Gravier, G., Magrin-Chagnolleau, I., Meignier, S., Merlin, T., Ortega-García, J., Petrovska-Delacrétaz, D., and Reynolds, D. (2004): "A Tutorial on Text-Independent Speaker Verification",  EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, Hindawi Publishing Corporation Vol. 2004, no 4, pp 432-451 (pdf)

Dialog Systems

James Allen, Donna Byron, Myroslava Dzikovska, George Ferguson, Lucian Galescu, and Amanda Stent, "Towards conversational human-computer interaction," AI Magazine, 22(4), Winter 2001, pp. 27-37.

Joakim Gustafson (2002). Developing multimodal spoken dialogue systems. Empirical studies of spoken human-computer interaction. Doctoral Thesis. Department of Speech, Music and Hearing, KTH, Stockholm Chapter 2 and 3

Harald Aust, Martin Oerder, Frank Seide, Volker Steinbiss: The Philips automatic train timetable information system, Speech Communication 17 (1995) (Will be distributed)

Chu-Carroll, J., "MIMIC: An adaptive mixed initiative spoken dialogue system for information queries," in Proceedings of the 6th ACL Conference on Applied Language Processing, (Seattle, WA, USA), May 2000.

Jim Glass, "Challenges for Spoken Dialogue Systems," Proc. 1999 IEEE ASRU Workshop, Keystone, CO, December 1999.

Marilyn A. Walker, Candace A. Kamm, and Diane J. Litman. Towards Developing General Models of Usability with PARADISE. In Natural Language Engineering,

Levin, Pieraccini, Eckert, (2000) A Stochastic Model of Human-Machine Interaction for Learning Dialog Strategies IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SPEECH AND AUDIO PROCESSING, VOL. 8, NO. 1, JANUARY 2000 11

Some web pages on spoken dialogue systems

Applications of Speech Technology

Pieraccini and Huerta (2005) Where do we go from here? Research and Commercial spoken dialogue systems

Gilbert, Wilpon, Stern and di Fabbrizio  Intelligent Virtual agents for Contact Automation

Cole et al (2003) Perceptive Animated Interfaces: First Steps Toward a New Paradigm for Human–Computer Interaction

Oberteuffer John A. (2005) Speech Technologies Make Video Games Complete, ( search Oberteuffer on )

Reference Literature (Not part of the course)

Acoustic phonetics, Kenneth N. Stevens. ISBN 0-262-19404-X

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Fundamentals of Speech Recognition, Lawrence Rabiner & Biing-Hwang Juang, 1993, PTR Prentice Hall,  ISBN 0130151572

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Spoken Language Processing: A Guide to Theory, Algorithm and System Development, Huang & Xuedong ISBN: 0-13-022616-5

Survey of the State of the Art Human Language Technology

Text-to-Speech Synthesis, Taylor P. 2007

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