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Speech Technology Level 1 (2007)

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Term paper - Fall semester 2007

During the course each student should prepare a term paper and present it at the closing seminar.

Examples of topics are listed below. It is possible to choose another topic, which we encourage, after a discussion with one of the teachers in the Speech Technology course. It is also possible to make a joint paper.

The term paper should be reviewed by two reviewers also participating in the course.

The paper may not exceed 10 printed pages.

Preliminary Time table

October 2007

Deciding the time table

November 16

Topic selection together with a teacher

November 24

Reviewers selected (please volunteer)

December 17

Electronic submission of paper to reviewers and the teacher

January 6, 2007

Electronic submission of reviews to author

January 13

Electronic submission of final paper to the reviewers, the teacher and
Rolf Carlson

2008, January 16

Presentation of paper at the closing seminar at KTH

Term Papers Preliminary Titles



Two Reviewers


Håkan Burden

Speaker Identification

Dana Dannells
Sofia Strömbergsson

Mats Blomberg

Dana Dannells

Automatic disfluencies recognition in a dialogue system

Sofia Strömbergsson
Mattias Nilsson

Joakim Gustafson

Sofia Strömbergsson

Modified re-synthesis of segments in isolated words: a theoretical background

Håkan Burden

Mattias Nilsson

Björn Granström

Mattias Nilsson

The cooordination of speech and eye movements: an overview of current research

Dana Dannells
Håkan Burden

Kjell Elenius

Possible topics

Acoustic Phonetics
David House

Speech Synthesis
Björn Granström

Speech Recognition
Kjell Elenius kjell at

Speaker verification
Mats Blomberg matsb at

Dialog Systems
Joakim Gustafson


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