I am currently the CEO of Furhat Robotics AB, a social robotics and social AI startup I co-founded in 2014. The vision of Furhat Robotics is to build the world's most expressive, cistomizable, and socially intelligent robotics platform to enable applications of human-robot interaction in the real-world. I also hold an Affiliate Faculty position at KTH The Institute of Technology in Stockholm in the area of Social Robotics.

Btween April 2014 and May 2015, I joined Disney Research in the US, as a R&D postdoc where I worked on Embodied multimodal dialog systems, and child-robot spoken interaction using the Furhat platform.

Prior to that, I was a researcher at The Department for Speech, Music and Hearing, at KTH in Stockholm, for the KTH Strategic Research Area - Embodied Multimodal Communication. I also had an affiliated postdoc position at the Autonomous Robotics lab at Örebro University working with the late Prof. Silvia Coradeschi

My main focus is in the area of artificial social intelligence and social signal processing, with focus in applications in embodied human-machine spoken interaction. My research involves the use of building computational models on sensor data of human behavior (prosody, gaze, facial gestures, head-pose, eyebrows movements and situation modelling and social context), for the analysis, modelling, and synthesis of interactive behaviors in artificial "humans". I have a background in computer science, with specialisations in articial intelligence, and speech and language technology.

My research interests in general terms are: Social signal processing, social robotics, multimodal multiparty spoken dialogue systems, modeling and synthesis of human-like dynamics, and embodied conversational agents.

I received my PhD in December 2012, "Bringing the avatar to life" - for studies and development on facial communication in human-agent and human-robot spoken interaction. If you are interested, check it out here

During my PhD, I've been part of building the Furhat robot head, and using it as a research device to explore more advanced and rich facial interaction between humans and robots. Check out Furhat here, and add him as a friend on Facebook here.

In 2014, I co-founded Furhat Robotics, a spin-off startup that is aiming at advancing and exploring application in social robotics. If you would like to work with the world's most expressive and natural robot head, please get it in touch with us - we are looking for talent.

You can check my list of publications from the menu on top or my Google scholar profile, and watch some videos of my work on Youtube here.


Sweden's 101 Supertalents, New Thinkers category, by Veckans Affärer, 2016
Stockholm's most enterpreneurial person - elect, Svenskt Näringsliv, 2015. (Stockholm's mest företagsamma manniska)
Sweden top 5 innovation shooting-stars, Vinnova & Veckans Affärer, 2015
Furhat Robotics - Startup of the YearSerendipity, 2015
Outstanding Reviewer Award, ICMI2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014
Best Public Speaker Award, Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering IVA, 2014
Founding Furhat Robotics, 2014
The International Christian Benoit AwardFor contributions to the field of face-to-face Communication, 2013
The Robotdalen International Robotics Innovation Award, 2013
Outstanding Demo Award. ICMI2012, Santa Monica, CA, USA, 2012
President of ISCA Student Advisory Committee, 2012
GSLT (Swedish National Langauge Technology Institute). Four-year financial funding for research in language technology, 2008
ISCA Masters in Language Technology Award. Awarded by the University of Edinburgh, 2007


Please visit www.furhatrobotics.com for articles and appearances in the media and press.


Samer Al Moubayed, Ph.D
Department of Speech, Music and Hearing TMH, School for Computer Science CSC, Royal Institute of Technology KTH

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