This is an incomplete list of posters that have been presented mostly at meetings and non-reviewed conferences.

  • Acoustic-to-Articulatory Inversion Based on Local Regression. Interspeech, Chiba, Japan. 2010


  • Perception of Nonverbal Gestures of Prominence in Visual Speech Animation. Advances in Facial Animation, Edinburgh, UK. 2010

Advances in Facial Animation

  • Prominence Detection in Swedish Using Syllable Correlates. Insterspeech, Chiba, Japan. 2010


  • Intelligibility and Facial Gestures: Talking Book Reading with Visual Support for the Hard-of-Hearing. GSLT Annual Retreat, Göteborg, Sweden. 2010

GSLT 2010

  • Studies on Using the SynFace Talking Head for the Hearing Impaired. Fonetik, Stockholm, Sweden. 2009

Fonetik 2009

  • SynFace: Verbal and Nonverbal Face Animation from Audio. AVSP, Norwich, UK. 2009


  • Prosodic Disambiguation in Spoken Systems Output. Diaholmia, Stockholm, Sweden. 2009

Diaholmia 2009

  • Virtual Speech Reading Support for the Hard of Hearing in a Domestic Multi-Media Setting. Interspeech, Birghton, UK. 2009



  • SynFace Phone Recogniser for Swedish Wideband and Narrowband Speech. SLTC, Stockholm, Sweden. 2008



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