Legal Issues (Sigh!)

Everything in this distribution is

© Copyright 1997 Erland Lewin and the 1997 members of the Center for Speech Technology

This is code developed for in-house use, and no guarantees are made as to the quality of the software or its fitness for any purpose.

All Rights Reserved.

The following rights are granted:

To freely distribute this distribution in its original form, as long as there is no charge involved, this includes charges for shipping, media, etc.

To use the software in this package for personal or research purposes, as long as no charge is made for any software or services making use of any contents of this distribution.

However, these rights are on condition that:

Any software based on this distribution, and used by more than ten people must contain the following notice, both in any documentation distributed with the software, and accessible by users of the software (For instance, in an about box or splash screen): Any publication describing the software of which the Broker architecture is a part must contain the notice above, or an equivalent version of it.

Rights are not granted:

To distribute only a part, or a modified version of this distribution

To in any way make a profit or charge for products directly or indirectly using this software.

The Copyright holders maintain the right to revoke the rights mentioned above at any time, either in general or to a specific person or organization.

NOTE: I am not agains the commercial use of my software, but if you wish to do
so, please E-mail me so we can agree on reasonable terms.

I may be a bit too paranoid with these rules. If you want to modify the software, let me know and I may change these rules.

This copyright notice applies to itself ;-)

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© Copyright 1997 Erland Lewin and the members of the Center for Speech Technology