The Broker's Graphical User Interface

There is a standalone Java program which acts as a GUI to the Broker. It is the way to change the set of startable servers. It is started by (assuming the Java Development Kit):
java <host> <port>
where host and port is where the broker is running. You will get a window like this:
The Broker GUI main window

On the left is a list of the connections to the broker. You can see three servers (Broker, Recognizer and RecLexServer), and four clients (with their host and port names appended to give them unique names). The lists are automatically updated as modules connect or disconnect from the Broker.

On the right is a list of all the startable servers this broker knows about, and can automatically start when they are needed.

By selecting a connection in the left list and clicking the left edit button, you get a window with the information about the connection (see the Connection Window.)

By clicking the right add-button, or selecting a startable server in the list of Startable Servers and clicking the edit button, you will get the Startable Servers Window.

Note that the Broker's GUI is a module just like any other, using the methods implemented by the Broker.

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